Benefits of beach volleyball (Part 2)

If you are confusing whether you should play beach volleyball when you go the sea or not, you can reference our article about benefits of beach volleyball. Then deciding game in your holiday.

The fact, playing volleyball in beach brings a lot of benefits about mental, health and society while its rule has simple. So, it should be a good recommendation for anyone.

4, Great cardiovascular exercise

Only practicing one hour at the beach with volleyball, you can improve dramatically endurance and resistance of leg muscles, tendons and ligaments.

The fact, wet and soft sand is good to be against your body.

In the first feeling, you feel tired when it’s difficult to run in the sand. When you adopt it, it is useful for your cardiovascular system.

Especially, someone faces with obesity and cardiovascular issue, playing volleyball in beach is good. It can burn more calorie than normal walking. So, by someway it helps you to reduce your weight effectively.

5, Improve hand-eye coordination

In this game, you should combine hand and eyes flexibly. Using hand to pick up ball while catching eyes to swing ball correctly. These actions are necessary to coordinate perfectly.

So, once playing beach volleyball regularly, it’s great to improve connection between hands and eyes which are important parts in the body.

When you can coordinate them more, you become more flexible in related activities.

6, Improve muscle tone

If you expect fitness in body, practicing beach volleyball is a good recommendation.

According to researches, body works vigorously due to the resistance of sand.

It helps muscle tone to become more durable and stronger. Then your body looks balanced and fitted.