Top Health Benefits of Beach Volleyball

It’s no surprise that sand volleyball has become one of the most popular sports in the summer. You can combine vacation and practice sports usefully.

It is great way to close with your family or your friend, it brings great benefits for your health. Some benefits are as well its indoor cousin and surplus some unique benefits.

Reading this following article to learn more about top health benefits of beach volleyball for us.

1/ Cardiovascular Exercise

Researched that volleyball both indoor and outside sand is perfect exercise for intensive cardiovascular workout. This sport requires player to jump up or down and sprint continuously. So it increases heart rate and endurance for player gradually. It also help to burn out more calories so that player always keep fit and slim.

2/ Conditioning

It is unique feature which is different from indoor volleyball. As far as we know, resistance is one of the key components to reach strong muscle tone and powerful energy. When you have to play volleyball on sand, players are forced to work their legs twice because sand yard is more heavy and strict to move smoothly.

This practice boosts your durable and stronger muscles. It leads to an intensity and full-body workout. Actually, it is necessarily conditioning of body.

3/ Improves agility and speed

When playing sand volleyball, you always keep in mind to maintain balance and stability on a sand court. You are aware of moving on sand so your position always is changed flexibly.

All above requirements upgrades you to become agility to catch up with intensity and speed of the match.

4/ Provides an outdoor beneficial activity

Beach volleyball makes you to have opportunities to get outside and enjoy the fresh in the sea. It’s good for your health when you can breathe the natural area.

Beach is public place for everyone so you can make more friends with wonderful experience.

The basic differences between beach volleyball & indoor volleyball (Part 2)

Differences between beach and indoor volleyball rules

Compared to traditional indoor volleyball, beach volleyball law has a lot of different rules. Except for the regulation of net height on the playing field of these two types of volleyball are the same. Standards of size, points of calculation, costumes of athletes, etc.

Standards of volleyball courts include requirements on pitch, size of beach volleyball court and areas in the yard. Along with that is the requirement of the net, the height of the pillars, etc. They are fully and detailed rules in the law of beach volleyball.

Regarding the standard of playing field – Law on beach volleyball

First is the size of the field. There is a difference in size between traditional volleyball courts and beach volleyball courts. While the size of a beach volleyball court is 16 meters long and 8 meters wide, the indoor volleyball court is 18 meters long and 9 meters long. A special feature is that the beach volleyball court has no attack line. Meanwhile, in the traditional yard 3 meters are clearly defined.

For this beach sport, athletes will play on the sand. It can be natural or artificial sand, not using a hard yard. Therefore, athletes can play barefoot instead of wearing specialized shoes like indoor volleyball players.

The net height is probably the same point of beach volleyball and indoor volleyball. Specifically, the net height of indoor volleyball is set at 2.43m for men and 2.24m for women. This size is exactly the same as the net height of the beach volleyball court.

In addition, beach volleyball has only 2 players, in which traditional volleyball has up to 6 players / team. For beach matches, the team is not allowed to replace people, there is no libero. Meanwhile in the indoor volleyball team completely replaced players and libero position.

About the scoring method in beach volleyball rules

In the law of beach volleyball, it is clearly stated how to calculate points for teams to play. Each team will play 21 points / set. If the third set wins, the third set counts only 15 points. Every 7 points, the two teams will change the pitch once instead of every set of field changes as in indoor volleyball.

Top Beach Sports for Summer (part 1)

Summer is about to end, dont waste your time lie around soaking up some sun. It’s time to hit the beach, get out on the sand and play some games. If you don’t know what to play, here are some great suggestions for you this season.

Beach Volleyball
This is probably everyone’s favorite beach sport and an amazing way of exercising without overheating yourself in the hot sun which is both easy to set up and even easier to play. One of the best part of playing beach volleyball is you don’t even have to have a team as there are plenty of beachgoers would be happy to join in as long as you’ve got a ball.

If you truly want to try true beach pastime, you must play Frisbee. Not the normal one, but the ultimate Frisbee which is formed with a group of 8 or more. Laying out a perimeter, a couple of goal lines and you ready to put your disc tossing skills to the test. In case you feel really into the mood of competitiveness, move this one into the water.

Kadima is also refered as paddle ball in America which is a simple game, only requires two people and is a ton of fun for all of twenty minutes. If you like tennis or Ping-Pong, this is probably the closest beach version of them. Hence, you should give it a try, just remember to keep the ball away from the water or you may never get it back.

Beach Football
Beach football is much like regular football with immensely pleasurable because it doesn’t hurt as much when being tackled on sand as it does on solid ground. In case you’re afraid of pain, you could also play the flag version. Putting a couple of teams together, setting up opposing goal lines and you’ve got yourself a beach football game although you’ll probably have to forgo the field goal in this version.

Sand Soccer
Playing sand soccer is so much more difficult, and immersively more fun, than playing on a traditional field as the ball has a tendency to fly in crazy different directions, get stuck in a dune or end up in the water after a bad kick. Better play with caution as it’s much easier to twist your ankle on the beach.

The basic differences between beach volleyball & indoor volleyball (Part 1)

Beach volleyball rules are regulated by the World Volleyball Federation. Those are the most complete and detailed rules about the size of the football field, the size, the height of the grid, the height of the column, the way the points are calculated, the costumes of the athletes, etc. All are full rules. enough and detailed to help the matches be fair, lawful, ensure the fair play spirit, etc.

In fact, beach volleyball has been an official sport since 1996. The law of beach volleyball has since been developed based on the main provisions of the law of indoor volleyball. Because of the attractiveness and interest, beach volleyball always attracts attention not only from professional athletes to amateurs of all ages, genders and professions. We would like to share information about storm ball volleyball competition law for your reference, etc.

What are the characteristics of beach volleyball?

Similar to indoor volleyball, each beach volleyball player has the main task of bringing the ball to the opponent’s court with the finishing phase. Then stop the opponent’s similar ball phase. In each team, there will be 2 people, the number of times the ball touches no more than 3 before sending the ball to the opponent’s court.

Each goal kick is counted as a goal kick. This is done after the goal line, the ball must cross the net and in the opponent’s court to be counted as 1 play. Each phase ends when the ball hits the floor of your team. If the ball is out of the court or not in the net, the ball is touched by the hand, etc. The ball may also end when the team has touched the ball more than 3 times.

In addition, the team that scores the previous goal will gain the right to serve. In each volleyball match, 4 athletes will take the turn. This creates flexibility and appeal in each battle.