Kayaking and canoeing- is it one or different?

Among water sports, kayaking and canoeing are one of the biggest rushes you should try it. There are many options for spaces like lakes, river rapids, waterfalls or the sea. It’s a good way to explore views and landscapes naturally. In addition, your health can be better when doing it usual.

 However, someone confuse kayaking and canoeing are the same. Actually, two sports are different. Following our article, we share basic information about both water sports.

Firstly, definition

Canoe is a small boat, pointed at both ends and used by one couple. Two paddlers sit or kneel on the ends then raise a single bladed paddle to steer and move in water. It has to be used power of paddlers. However, some modern boat set up electric motors or gas motors to push movement stronger.

While, a kayak is a slim boat, pointed by one kayaker who sits and uses paddles to steer and move on the water. It is normally covered by cockpit to avoid wet for paddler when moving in low water.

Secondly, difference about paddle

In kayak, paddles have two blades which set at 90° to make convenient for kayaker. But Canoe’s paddles have only one paddle and shorter than its paddle

Thirdly, type of kayaking and canoeing

About kayaking, there are some major types such as kayak touring when you tend to soak up the natural landscape, or sea kayaking for someone to prefer new experience dangerously and adventurously in the sea where waves are strong and powerful.

Whereas, canoeing has more type of version.

For example, marathon canoeing is long distance races which can split more races and portages. It depends on rules from the federation.

Sprint canoeing or a flatwater racing is a race when paddler sit his knee and use paddle to steer water as fast as he can.

Kayak vs. Paddleboard – Which is Better? (Part 1)

If you love the outdoor activities and would like to find a new way to reconnect with nature, consider paddle boarding or kayaking! Kayaking and paddle boarding are two of the greatest and fastest growing sports, offering outdoor enthusiasts an amazing time to test their skills on the water. While both sports are a lot of fun, people often wonder which one is best for you.

Why You Need to Go Kayaking Instead of Paddle Boarding
Adrenaline Junkie?
If you an adrenaline junkie, Kayaking is the definite option as it allows you to go faster than flying on a paddleboard, and you can eventually build up your skills to hit some whitewater rapids. Kayaks require players to get from one side of a lake to another in a faster time compared to a paddleboard. A double-sided kayak paddle enables you to paddle much faster than a single paddle with a paddleboard built-in. If you love speed, you’ll want to spend time participating at least one kayaking course to learn how to do an Eskimo roll and perform other movements when you are hitting the whitewater rapids.

On-Board Storage
A paddleboard has essentially the same look and feel as a surfboard, which means you can’t store anything on the board. Most kayaks have a bungee cord storage area for the sit-on kayaks with a dry storage area. If you expect to be out on the water for several hours, or days, a kayak makes things much easier as you can take your gear around with you. As kayak fishing has increasingly popular, so has the variety of accessories to choose from.
If you enjoy fishing and want to be able to keep your gear with you at all times, a kayak is a smart choice. Several of them are designed specifically for fishing, allowing you to have a place for storing your fishing pole and the rest of your gear. You can even invest in a small trolling motor and install it to the kayak or buying a wind sail to have some help moving around on the water.

Top Water Sports to Try on Your Summer Vacation (Part 1)

People who are enthusiastic and love the thrill of adrenaline raising should get ready to tan, while experiencing amazing water sports and sipping alcohol on the beach. Here are top water sports that you must try to enjoy your summer vacation to the max.


Kayaking is a water sport that will enable you to enjoy the hot summer light while paddling, relaxing and enjoying the wind breeze. You may love kayaking so much that you lose track of time, and it’s a wonderful sport to enjoy with your friends and family.

Stand-up Paddling
Over the last few decades, stand-up paddling has become more famous among the water enthusiasts. This type of flat water paddling is an excellent way to go sightseeing while experiencing the water world. It is very different from riding the waves as traditional surfing.
You can also lie on the board and paddle with your hands to relax while waiting for the next waves; this sport is the perfect combination of relaxing and action.

Jet Skiing
Jet skiing is a sport that is more and more popular among water enthusiasts and thrill-seekers which is packed with adventurous actions and will get your adrenaline rushing due to the rapid speed of travelling through the water. You don’t have to be a professional swimmer to experience this amazing sport but should always wear a life jacket for safety.


Parasailing will give you with an amazing experience as flying through the air. This activity will fill your mind with thrill and excitement. Once ended you can swiftly land to the boat.

Banana boat ride 

If you’re expecting to get some fun on the waves with your friends and family this summer, why don’t try banana boat ride. These inflatables are towed by a motorboat and will give you a very exciting experience in a very bumpy ride as dragging you with high speed through the sea. When riding these boats you should always wear a lifejacket for precaution.

Water Sports to Try in Australia (Part 2)


The beauty of kayaking is that players are not restricted to the beach: but can kayak down rivers, lakes, as well as around the coast. So no matter where players choose to stay, if there’s water nearby they’ll be able to participate. There are many to choose from such as padding around the Hobart waterfront or Sydney Harbour, around Lake Burley Griffin in the ACT or just in any calm bays.

For those expecting a longer kayaking experience, there are multi-day kayaking trails that show off the best side of Australia. If you’re a nature lover, book in advance a trip in Tasmania for some breathtaking wilderness adventure. For anyone who is looking to stay on the coast, surfing through the Sea Kayak Australia’s multi-day coastal tours in Victoria.

Stand-up paddleboarding

As one of the quickest growing water sports in the world, stand-up paddleboarding is centered around balance – balancing help players to witness incredible scenery! Australia has countless number of incredible scenery to select, as well as the choice between quiet, calm bays to practice your flat-water paddling and good surf for testing your hand at surf break wave riding.

Stand-up paddleboards can be bought or rent from various places around Australia, and the sport is easy enough that incr can generally get the hang of it without even taking. lessons. If you’d rather have an instructor to help you master paddleboarding in one lesson, there are various locations in Queensland offer stand-up paddleboard lessons.

Learning to Kite Surf is strictly and solely for the adventurous players  – one will need some pretty strong nerves and some serious upper body strength to get the hang of this watersport. For those willing to give it a try, the payoff is absolutely pure exhilaration, a very decent workout and great upper body muscles.

Australia’s Gold Coast in Queensland is ideal place for kitesurfing; it’s easy for beginners but exhilarating enough for advanced seasoned kite surfers. Book a lesson to learn about basic skills and start catching waves as soon as possible.

Toughest kayaking destinations on earth (Part 2)

3. Rondu Gorge, Pakistan

Pakistan’s Indus River is the place where people are really interested in to visit right now. A couple of crews have been to this river in recent years, and it’s since become the top destination for a lot of kayakers to visit. It’s very massive steep and the whitewater is amazing, combining with speed and volume water, it pretty much means kayaker ca hardly come out of the kayak for the entire river.
Going over a waterfall is thrilling as you feel the fear, the adrenaline increases quickly and once it’s over, looking back up, you realise it’s incredible how you have overcome such challenge.

4. Ottawa River, Canada
In eastern Canada, just off the Ottawa River in Beachburg, Ontario, there are dozens of rivers with massive whitewater, as well as big waves all the way up coast to Quebec. The air and water are pretty freezing in the springtime, so travellers, remember to dress appropriately and stay warm in your kayak is important. People have got severe accident kayaking these rivers.
There are countless of waves you can stir, but only certain ones come in at defined points so you’d better drive around finding the best ones possible. The coolest season’s called ‘Steakout’, which in Eastern Canada it has had a big impact on freestyle kayaking, as we’re able to create new tricks thanks to the big waves here.

5. White Nile, Uganda
Lots of awesome kayakers paddle in Uganda’s White Nile, as it’s warm and the water is ideal. It’s one of the most incredible rivers to paddle on earth. Unfortunately, people can’t go there anymore due to a dam project underway which means the river is about to be shut down for kayakers.
There are a few dangerous places on it, including the ‘Dead Dutchman’, where things could end up turning really badly. There’s another spot of the river that has plenty of hippos and crocodiles which you should be careful and avoid. There was kayakers killed by a crocodile in Egypt in the past, so it does happen. Take care and stay safe.

Toughest kayaking destinations on earth (Part 1)

America is full of spots with giant waterfalls and deadly rapids for kayaking where only the bravest dare paddle.
For most kayakers, the closest thing they would ever get to a giant waterfall and series of river rapids would be during a tragically awry safari holiday. For the greatest freestyle kayaker on the earth, it’s what it takes to do experience the volatile waters.
in this article, you will find top demanding and dangerous kayaking spots on Earth.

Royal Gorge, USA
California has plenty of whitewater spots to meet the goals of any kayaker. The most well-known is the Royal Gorge, featuring super beautiful gorge, with some really clean, big waterfalls, and intense water. It doesn’t matter how good you are, when you paddle into it, you’re dealing with some of the hardest kayaking experience in your life.

Tlapacoyan, México
With an infinite amount of runnable sections and steep waterfalls, Southern Mexico is one of the best kayaking destination in the world. Tlapacoyan is the town with very tight canyons, big falls, and jungle-like surroundings.The rivers are never further than an hour away and some rivers are even as close as 10 minutes. 

Furthermore, Waterfall runs in this area are very dangerous because many of then can occurs in a few seconds of freefall. The most dangerous part is when you’re directly above it, trying to make the decision of whether to peel out or cross over. You will feel insanely nervous and intensity in that moment. However, if you determine to make the commitment and you’re about to fall off the waterfall, things will go blank and you will concentrate on hitting the line. It’s surreal. You won’t have time to feel that fear, the adrenaline kicks in and once it’s over, looking back up, you realise it’s so amazing as there’s nothing like it that you’ve ever experienced.

Top beautiful kayaking trips that will change your life (Part 2)


Chile is well-known for kayaking with everything a kayaker could possibly hope for, featuring huge waterfalls and stunning bright blue rapids, to the Futaleufu. Whether you’re an advanced creek boater seeking an epic photo, or a recreational paddler seeking beautiful crystal blue water, Chile has it all. Set base in Pucon and you can easy access class 3-4 runs, or travel further afield and explore Patagonia. 


The US have almost every style of paddling that a paddler could possibly look for in the rivers of Europe and the UK – from the epic creeks and freestyle paddling in Colorado, to the huge volume rapids and popular classic runs in West Virginia, to the super steep and crazy gnar of South California, as well as the amazing big volume of the Payette rivers and the Middle Salmon. The USA is an awesome places for kayaking holiday. Two of the best multi-day paddling adventures are the Grand Canyon of the Colorado ( 20 days trip cover 280+miles) and the Main Salmon River (7 days trip cover 100 miles). If you choose to start at the Main Salmon River, the Salmon River Motel is a best place to set up camp.


If you want something a little different. You should your play boat or surf kayak and hit the beaches for a long weekend in the tiny island of Lanzarote in the Canary Islands. Lanzarote has some of the most stunning beaches and beautiful holiday resort  in the Atlantic. Instead of booking a room near a pool, enjoy some luxury meal, you can trade for a package holiday and a relaxed sea kayaking adventure by heading straight to Playa Blanca. Although Playa Papagayo is not be the most challenging trips, but it is a great way to kick back and get relax with the sport!

Most beautiful kayaking trips that will change your life (Part 2)

3. Ottawa

If you’re fond of big water, huge speed and amazing waves, then visit to Canada and the Ottawa River – home to the safest big water in the world. Two different channels have a range of rapids to fit and entertain everybody from beginners to the professionals. In the spring, this becomes the venue for some of the world’s top paddlers as they look for the big waves during snowmelt season. During the summer, it is a bubbling community with a combination of all ages and abilities enjoy the warm water to surf and paddle the top amazing rapids and waves. It’s also place of many major freestyle and white water competitions annually such as the King of Clubs competition. 

4. Nepal

The adventure paradise of the Himalayas region, Nepal offers some of the most amazing kayaking holiday places with beautiful scenery, culture, people and rivers. Nepal is a truly magical place. No matter where you’re paddling either the Upper Seti half day, or heading to the Everest region, there’s so much to explore and paddling. Besides, every year the Nepalese Rafting Association organize a White Water Festival, which is a great opportunity to meet other paddlers and start a journey. 

5. New Zealand

Hidden in the furthest part of the planet, New Zealand is the adventure paradise of the world with everything that fit from grade 2 or grade 5+ kayaking. The North Island offer a real rainforest feel, with rivers running their way through tree-lined gorges. The South Island offers the contrary, with Alpine mountains, rolling hills and valley to valley for classic kayaking runs. Different from Europe, New Zealand’s population is very limited although the country is very open and developed, some of kayaking adventures will lead you to the middle of nowhere. Kaikoura is a coastal town on the South Island featuring dolphins and whales.

Top beautiful kayaking destinations that will change your life (Part 1)

There are no better ways to see the world than kayak and this are the best places to paddle.Some people like relaxing on the beach-resort during their holiday, however, some prefers to take their sport with them overseas. 

1. The French Alps

No matter your level you are (beginners, immediate or advance), the French Alps are a beautiful venue for kayakers. Beginning with the Ardèche for beginners or starting with the Sunshine Run on the Durance if you are at intermediate/advanced level, you can get familiar with the style and size of the rivers around the region before moving to a more challenging direction that suits your style. For the more advanced paddlers, the French Alps are the perfect warm-up before paddling at more challenging rivers of the Austrian, Swiss and Italian Alps. With beautiful mountains, clean, clear water, and delicious croissants for breakfast, the Alps are an awesome adventure holiday that you won’t forget. Paddlers can stay in the region of Moulin de Montabonnel at a rustic Bed n Breakfast in the stunning Devesset region of Ardeche.

2. Slovenia

If you’re looking for advancing your Instagram, Facebook, any social media channels and getting a good workout, head to the Soča river in Slovenia for experiencing the clearest waters in the world. Although there’s only one river to paddle, but it’s so amazingly beautiful as it is sprawling. The Soča has numerous sections, each of varying in difficulty level, which is why it’s voted as one of the main destinations for club trips. The Kompas Hotel Bled offers affordable but nicely comfortable accommodation close to the river and paddlers can always try to experience the guided Soča River Experience when you need a break from going it alone. Besides, there’s even an amazingly delicious ice cream shop in the small town. What more do you need for a perfect paddling trip?

A basic guide about kayaking (Part 1)

It’s important to consult the basic guidelines before you start kayaking. If so, attend rowing classes organized by your local kayak retailer or kayaking clubs.

You need to know how to row, guide fixed feet and thighs when sailing and rescue skills in distress. Not only with kayaking, but with any picnic, you need to be familiar with using emergency medical first aid, CPR, how to handle the down hypothermia.  

To start kayaking, sit inside the boat. Keep your back close to the back of the seat, so your knees should be comfortably bent. To find the right place to put your foot, straighten your leg and shrink back a step. If you put your foot too straight, you will feel the pressure on your lower back. If your legs are bent too much, you may bump into the boat’s knee fixing device when you row.

To find your hands on the paddle, start with your arms parallel to the middle and shoulder width. When you bring the paddle up to the top of the head, the elbow should create an angle of approximately 90º. The length of the tongue and the handle of the paddle outside your grip should be equal.

Paddle divided into 2 types including feathered or nonfeathered. The “nonfeathered” paddle is arranged with 2 oars on the same line and plane. Feathered abrasives are not like that, they are arranged at a certain angle apart.

The main benefit of rotating the paddle blade is to reduce wind resistance and reduce wrist fatigue, because one paddle into the water, the other paddle blade will glide through the wind. These two paddle blades usually rotate at an angle of 30 to 45 °. The smaller the angle, the easier it is for the wrist to work; Wider angle, the rowing effect is bigger.