Kayaking and canoeing- is it one or different?

In the summer, it’s perfect to join water sport which is a good place to immerse relaxing to the natural. Kayaking and canoeing are two of the most favorite water sports in this season. However, so many people are confused about these sports which they think it’s one.

The truth that it has difference in playing as well several accessories included. In this article, we will continue to share about some different points between two games.

If you are tending to explore them, don’t hesitate to follow our article to make clear about these water sports before enjoying it.

In the previous article, we explain difference in origin, paddles and kind of kayaking and canoeing. Now, we share more detail about boat characteristics and deck.

Fourthly, difference in boat characteristics

About overall design, boat of kayaks and canoes are similar when it looks thing and lightweight with one or two tips forming to move water faster and easier. It also is nice and simple.

However, we still see difference when the kayaks boats are thinner and thicker than the another. Although it can cover the same number of users. Boat design of kayaks make more high-fashionable and convenient, especially someone to try it in the first time.

About material, they are made of metal, molded plastic and composite materials.

The last, difference in deck

Decks also are known as the openings which keeps water and have more space for sitting.

Depending other boats will have other sizes and types for deck. For example, open deck or closed deck.

In general, decks of canoe are more spacious than decks of kayaks so that canoe needs to have more space to paddlers sit inside the deck. Furthermore, canoe decks have a higher seat to handle paddles easily while they are sitting on the edge of seat.


Going to the beach on summer is one of the most favorite pastimes. As a normal custom, people tend to find some places with the fresh water and play water sports. In this article, we will share top sports you can try.

If you prefer to playing sports in the summer, following this article to see some good recommendations.

4/ Scuba diving

This sport is considered as one of the most water sports on the beach. It brings benefits for health and mental of divers. In addition, it is a good opportunity to discover beautiful landscapes in the sea.

In general, scuba diving becomes a hot sport recently. People feel interesting when having new experience under the sea.

However, you should be careful to check diving equipment as well technical skills to have a safe scuba diving trip. You read guides from mentors or former to remember it well.

5/ Beach soccer

Soccer is a favorite game with almost people in the global. Therefore, someone prefer to play beach soccer in the beach. On the sand, level of this sport is higher and more difficult, so it makes more exciting. The fact that, soccer has a simple regulation. So, it is easy to be practiced simply.

Although a football team in theory consists 11 people, you can collect two group with 5 to 8 members in a team. It’s ok to adjust a number of members properly. Even you are alone, you also don’t worry because you can ask someone on the beach to play with it together. So many people will agree your proposal.

6/ Volleyball

It can’t deny that volleyball is an easy sport to play on the beach. It has a basic regulation and doesn’t require complicated accessory. You only prepare a net, a ball and two teams about 10 people, then you can take action it immediately.

Kayak vs. Paddleboard – Which is Better? (Part 1)

If you love the outdoor activities and would like to find a new way to reconnect with nature, consider paddle boarding or kayaking! Kayaking and paddle boarding are two of the greatest and fastest growing sports, offering outdoor enthusiasts an amazing time to test their skills on the water. While both sports are a lot of fun, people often wonder which one is best for you.

Why You Need to Go Kayaking Instead of Paddle Boarding
Adrenaline Junkie?
If you an adrenaline junkie, Kayaking is the definite option as it allows you to go faster than flying on a paddleboard, and you can eventually build up your skills to hit some whitewater rapids. Kayaks require players to get from one side of a lake to another in a faster time compared to a paddleboard. A double-sided kayak paddle enables you to paddle much faster than a single paddle with a paddleboard built-in. If you love speed, you’ll want to spend time participating at least one kayaking course to learn how to do an Eskimo roll and perform other movements when you are hitting the whitewater rapids.

On-Board Storage
A paddleboard has essentially the same look and feel as a surfboard, which means you can’t store anything on the board. Most kayaks have a bungee cord storage area for the sit-on kayaks with a dry storage area. If you expect to be out on the water for several hours, or days, a kayak makes things much easier as you can take your gear around with you. As kayak fishing has increasingly popular, so has the variety of accessories to choose from.
If you enjoy fishing and want to be able to keep your gear with you at all times, a kayak is a smart choice. Several of them are designed specifically for fishing, allowing you to have a place for storing your fishing pole and the rest of your gear. You can even invest in a small trolling motor and install it to the kayak or buying a wind sail to have some help moving around on the water.

Benefits of water sports for your fitness

It’s that time of year when New Year’s resolutions urging, making many people turn their attention to new health and fitness goals. Rather than joining a gym, why not get to the water and try a water sport such as sailing, surfing, scuba diving, rowing, swimming, and water obstacle courses. By practicing a water sport, not only can you challenge yourself, but you can also gain health and fitness benefits! Let us dive in the details.

New scenery

In most cases water sports take place in different outdoor environments which allow you to enjoy a lake or the high seas with beautiful surroundings and fresh air. If you live on scuba diving, then you’ll benefit from exploring the world under-the-sea with marine plants and aquatic animals.


By getting closer to nature you will instantly begin to feel at ease, more relaxed and a sense of freedom.  The calming sounds of the waters will force you to concentrate the mind on what you are doing to the exclusion of other stuff. Water sports can also enhance your mood to the highest.


If you are an adventurous seeker and want to seek a new challenge then why not choose a water sport that is packed with thrilling actions and will get your adrenaline racing. Water skiing, wakeboarding, windsurfing, kitesurfing, scuba diving, kayaking, paddle boarding, bodyboarding – there are plenty to choose from.

Low impact

Many water sports are low impact, which means less pressure on your muscles and joints. Swimming in particular is gentle on the body but still build muscle strength. Swimming is often a good option if you suffer with arthritis as it helps soothe achy joints.

Fitness boost

Water sports can improve your fitness, strength and flexibility in upper body parts such as back, arms, shoulders and chest due to the movement of those parts. Besides getting in shape in the water, water sports are a refreshing experience that you can enjoy time and time again with friends and family. 

Top Water Sports to Try on Your Summer Vacation (Part 2)

This water sport will give you a thrilling and adventurous feeling on the sea. You will not only get to relax by the splashing of water, but it will also give you an adrenaline rush, from the rapid speed of being towed by a boat whilst standing on the board.

Some people might think it’s similar to traditional surfing, but Kite-surfing brings surfing to the next level. Over the last few decades, it has gained more and more popularity from water enthusiasts and is the perfect mix of both surfing and wakeboarding.
Whilst trying this sport you’ll get to experience the thrill and speed of kite-surfing over waves and is perfect on a windy summer day. This sport is highly advised to those seeking fun, thrills, and for those ready to make their summer vacation full of unforgettable memories.

Rafting is an adventurous sport where you’ll be cruising through rapids. You’ll have to enjoy it as a team to be on the right path, while the water tosses you in all directions, and the sport is an amazing experience to enjoy with your friends and family.
To enjoy this water sport you should always wear protection gear, such as a helmet, life jacket, and hardcover for knees etc, as you could be thrown into water anytime.

Sea walking and scuba diving
Sea walking is a dream sport for those that want to discover marine life, but are not professional swimmers or scuba diver. You will be accompanied by an expert for the underwater walk and will be wearing a mask to assist breathing.  During the activity you’ll get to experience being submerged in the sea, surrounded by beautiful marine life and stunning coral reefs.
Scuba diving, on the contrary, is a lot more technical but will enable you to swim below the surface and see first hand some of the incredible aquatic animals on our planet. To get started you could participate in an introductory dive which will give you a glimpse into what diving is like and if you like it then progress onto an advanced diving course.

Top Water Sports to Try on Your Summer Vacation (Part 1)

People who are enthusiastic and love the thrill of adrenaline raising should get ready to tan, while experiencing amazing water sports and sipping alcohol on the beach. Here are top water sports that you must try to enjoy your summer vacation to the max.


Kayaking is a water sport that will enable you to enjoy the hot summer light while paddling, relaxing and enjoying the wind breeze. You may love kayaking so much that you lose track of time, and it’s a wonderful sport to enjoy with your friends and family.

Stand-up Paddling
Over the last few decades, stand-up paddling has become more famous among the water enthusiasts. This type of flat water paddling is an excellent way to go sightseeing while experiencing the water world. It is very different from riding the waves as traditional surfing.
You can also lie on the board and paddle with your hands to relax while waiting for the next waves; this sport is the perfect combination of relaxing and action.

Jet Skiing
Jet skiing is a sport that is more and more popular among water enthusiasts and thrill-seekers which is packed with adventurous actions and will get your adrenaline rushing due to the rapid speed of travelling through the water. You don’t have to be a professional swimmer to experience this amazing sport but should always wear a life jacket for safety.


Parasailing will give you with an amazing experience as flying through the air. This activity will fill your mind with thrill and excitement. Once ended you can swiftly land to the boat.

Banana boat ride 

If you’re expecting to get some fun on the waves with your friends and family this summer, why don’t try banana boat ride. These inflatables are towed by a motorboat and will give you a very exciting experience in a very bumpy ride as dragging you with high speed through the sea. When riding these boats you should always wear a lifejacket for precaution.

The Different Types of Surfing Waves

For any beginner in the world of surfing, thinking that you can swim out to catch waves and perform some crazy tricks is daunting and exciting. Surfing is a way of living, and once you master it, there is no coming back, you will absolutely love it. However, before enjoying your next surf trip, let’s find out different types of waves that you might encounter before you charge them on your surfboard.

1. Beach breaks

Beach breaks are when the waves break over a sandy bottom, creating the shape of the seabed shifts, which means the quality of the waves are easy to change. There are times a promising sandbank stand still for months, while other times it disappears within a matter of days. Certain beaches are known for producing consistently great sandbanks which create either powerful and hollow or gentle and long waves, depending on the time of the year.

2. Reef breaks

Reef breaks appear when the waves break over a rocky bottom to create a consistent shape of the seabed, and the line-up changes depend on the direction and size of the waves. Surfers generally get a clear channel next to the line-up, and paddle out through that. Most of the world’s amazing waves break over reefs, but even the friendlier reef breaks are risky because of the treacherous seabed. It should be avoided completely by beginners.

3. Point breaks

When the lines of the swell break into the stretch land at a perpendicular or an oblique angle, around or even along the shore but not towards it, that phenomenon is called a point break. Point breaks are generally created beside a headland and break over rock or sand.

The waves that form due to a point break peel for a longer time than reef or beach breaks. In Malibu in California, point breaks are often gently-rolling, mellow waves which are perfect for beginner surfers.

Benefits of KiteSurfing

Tones the body. Kite surfing is a great sport help tone the upper area, arms and abdomen; physically improve the abductors and legs. The strength of the arms and hands is increased by holding the kite, grabbing the bar while the legs part is improved by bending over the board to ride.

Healthy heart. Kiteboarding keep the heart strong and health as it an exercise that combines aerobics and resistance which is good for keeping a balance weight, toning figure and gaining physical strength.

Increases coordination and concentration. Kitesurfing requires players to focus on several tasks at the same time. For instance, players must keep the kite flying in the air with one hand while the other hand grabs the board while entering the water. Moreover riding on the board is a great way to improve the balance of the body.

Stress relief. While any sport in general has the benefit of eliminating stress, kite surfing is an extreme sport that boost adrenaline rushes which creates a great feeling of wellness. Furthermore, the sport boost endorphins which enhances the immune system.

Better reflexes and adaptability. Players must constantly navigate and make decisions about movement and position of the bar, body, board, etc. Additionally, resolve difficult situations on the water would increase the reflexes and reaction capacity.

Respect for nature. As an outdoor sport in which players interact with the natural environment breathing the fresh air instead of the city smog, kitesurfing fosters players’ respect for the ocean, water creatures as well as the nature in general.

Community and networking. Kitesurfing is an adventurous sport and it isn’t easy. It requires extensive training and practicing. Through which, players become part of a community with people share common interests. That will improve your networking and the ability to communicate.

New experiences and sensations. Kiteboarding allows players to experience a whole new sensations, including the feeling of flying on the sky and touching the refreshing water which will increase the level of happiness.

Enjoy water sports in Miami Beach

If you are about to visit the Atlantic Ocean region and enjoy the Miami sun, there is no better place to be in this beautiful city than in the water. You can splash around in the waves and enjoy some water sports in Miami Beach. Here are what we recommend!


It will allow you to enjoy the the gorgeous ocean from height and experience the incomparable skyline of the Miami Beach stretch from up to 1,000 ft above the ocean. You can take single and tandem flights to escape from all the trouble or just share the exciting adventure with a loved one. The wind passing through your toes as they dangle in the open sky is an amazing feeling. 

Jet Ski Rentals

With this sport, you can feel both the water on your feet and the wind in your face as you whip around on a jet ski. It is easy to manage and offer a fun free time on the open water, or an adventurous journey with a guided tour.

Paddleboarding and Windsurfing

Both of these sports are so much fun, especially for those trying to get on their feet and coast along the lively ocean surface. While paddleboarding offers a mellow and unique way to move about the water,  Windsurfing let natural forces guide you to high speeds and exciting runs. 


Fishing is not as boring as it sounds. It’s one of the most enjoyable and exclusive water sports in Miami Beach as you might have the chance to catch great fish on a day out on a boat. This is the perfect sport for couples, families and friends to have a relaxing day on the open-ocean. You can enjoy a wide range of selection includes daily trips, specialty trips, bachelor parties, corporate charters and more.

Miami Beach can accommodate your taste no matter how you want to enjoy the water

How teens benefit from summer sports

School year is very busy for teens trying to balance school, homework, sports, family, extracurricular activities, relationships, etc. Hence, summer seems to be a great opportunity for them to slow down and relax. While many teens (and their parents) are being pressured to participate in activities that are “resume ” for college application. Although, after the tough school year that they been through, there is nothing wrong with downtime, they are entitled to some fun and to recharge before the next school year. 

Physical activities is Good

Teens are in their growing period which requires a lot of physical activities. While during the school year, they must stay up late and wake up early to study, summer should be the time for them to follow their natural rhythm, rebalance, replenish energy, physically and mentally by participating in some sports.

Help increase Family Bond

During school year, teens and parents are both busy with their schedules, summer time should be the time for reconnect with each other. No matter it is a big family trip, or just coming home early and spend sometimes practicing sports together, etc., it all works. When family members spend time together, wonderful things happen – it reinforces the relationship and sense of love and caring.

Sport help balancing

Depending on each individual demand, teens can either embrace short downtime or a complete break for practicing as long as they feel balance. Just give teens the freedom to choose. Additionally, parental involvement is important as these experiences help build character as well as credentials. It’s recommended that a summer combine variety of activities includes working for pay, volunteering, sport, homework, and some truly free time for reading novels, making a music video, writing a screenplay is also ideal to boost creativity. Besides, parents can involve teens in helping chores around the house such as looking after younger siblings, doing laundry, prepare dinner, etc.

Let them play and try new things.