Toughest kayaking destinations on earth (Part 2)

3. Rondu Gorge, Pakistan

Pakistan’s Indus River is the place where people are really interested in to visit right now. A couple of crews have been to this river in recent years, and it’s since become the top destination for a lot of kayakers to visit. It’s very massive steep and the whitewater is amazing, combining with speed and volume water, it pretty much means kayaker ca hardly come out of the kayak for the entire river.
Going over a waterfall is thrilling as you feel the fear, the adrenaline increases quickly and once it’s over, looking back up, you realise it’s incredible how you have overcome such challenge.

4. Ottawa River, Canada
In eastern Canada, just off the Ottawa River in Beachburg, Ontario, there are dozens of rivers with massive whitewater, as well as big waves all the way up coast to Quebec. The air and water are pretty freezing in the springtime, so travellers, remember to dress appropriately and stay warm in your kayak is important. People have got severe accident kayaking these rivers.
There are countless of waves you can stir, but only certain ones come in at defined points so you’d better drive around finding the best ones possible. The coolest season’s called ‘Steakout’, which in Eastern Canada it has had a big impact on freestyle kayaking, as we’re able to create new tricks thanks to the big waves here.

5. White Nile, Uganda
Lots of awesome kayakers paddle in Uganda’s White Nile, as it’s warm and the water is ideal. It’s one of the most incredible rivers to paddle on earth. Unfortunately, people can’t go there anymore due to a dam project underway which means the river is about to be shut down for kayakers.
There are a few dangerous places on it, including the ‘Dead Dutchman’, where things could end up turning really badly. There’s another spot of the river that has plenty of hippos and crocodiles which you should be careful and avoid. There was kayakers killed by a crocodile in Egypt in the past, so it does happen. Take care and stay safe.

Toughest kayaking destinations on earth (Part 1)

America is full of spots with giant waterfalls and deadly rapids for kayaking where only the bravest dare paddle.
For most kayakers, the closest thing they would ever get to a giant waterfall and series of river rapids would be during a tragically awry safari holiday. For the greatest freestyle kayaker on the earth, it’s what it takes to do experience the volatile waters.
in this article, you will find top demanding and dangerous kayaking spots on Earth.

Royal Gorge, USA
California has plenty of whitewater spots to meet the goals of any kayaker. The most well-known is the Royal Gorge, featuring super beautiful gorge, with some really clean, big waterfalls, and intense water. It doesn’t matter how good you are, when you paddle into it, you’re dealing with some of the hardest kayaking experience in your life.

Tlapacoyan, México
With an infinite amount of runnable sections and steep waterfalls, Southern Mexico is one of the best kayaking destination in the world. Tlapacoyan is the town with very tight canyons, big falls, and jungle-like surroundings.The rivers are never further than an hour away and some rivers are even as close as 10 minutes. 

Furthermore, Waterfall runs in this area are very dangerous because many of then can occurs in a few seconds of freefall. The most dangerous part is when you’re directly above it, trying to make the decision of whether to peel out or cross over. You will feel insanely nervous and intensity in that moment. However, if you determine to make the commitment and you’re about to fall off the waterfall, things will go blank and you will concentrate on hitting the line. It’s surreal. You won’t have time to feel that fear, the adrenaline kicks in and once it’s over, looking back up, you realise it’s so amazing as there’s nothing like it that you’ve ever experienced.

Benefits of KiteSurfing

Tones the body. Kite surfing is a great sport help tone the upper area, arms and abdomen; physically improve the abductors and legs. The strength of the arms and hands is increased by holding the kite, grabbing the bar while the legs part is improved by bending over the board to ride.

Healthy heart. Kiteboarding keep the heart strong and health as it an exercise that combines aerobics and resistance which is good for keeping a balance weight, toning figure and gaining physical strength.

Increases coordination and concentration. Kitesurfing requires players to focus on several tasks at the same time. For instance, players must keep the kite flying in the air with one hand while the other hand grabs the board while entering the water. Moreover riding on the board is a great way to improve the balance of the body.

Stress relief. While any sport in general has the benefit of eliminating stress, kite surfing is an extreme sport that boost adrenaline rushes which creates a great feeling of wellness. Furthermore, the sport boost endorphins which enhances the immune system.

Better reflexes and adaptability. Players must constantly navigate and make decisions about movement and position of the bar, body, board, etc. Additionally, resolve difficult situations on the water would increase the reflexes and reaction capacity.

Respect for nature. As an outdoor sport in which players interact with the natural environment breathing the fresh air instead of the city smog, kitesurfing fosters players’ respect for the ocean, water creatures as well as the nature in general.

Community and networking. Kitesurfing is an adventurous sport and it isn’t easy. It requires extensive training and practicing. Through which, players become part of a community with people share common interests. That will improve your networking and the ability to communicate.

New experiences and sensations. Kiteboarding allows players to experience a whole new sensations, including the feeling of flying on the sky and touching the refreshing water which will increase the level of happiness.

Enjoy water sports in Miami Beach

If you are about to visit the Atlantic Ocean region and enjoy the Miami sun, there is no better place to be in this beautiful city than in the water. You can splash around in the waves and enjoy some water sports in Miami Beach. Here are what we recommend!


It will allow you to enjoy the the gorgeous ocean from height and experience the incomparable skyline of the Miami Beach stretch from up to 1,000 ft above the ocean. You can take single and tandem flights to escape from all the trouble or just share the exciting adventure with a loved one. The wind passing through your toes as they dangle in the open sky is an amazing feeling. 

Jet Ski Rentals

With this sport, you can feel both the water on your feet and the wind in your face as you whip around on a jet ski. It is easy to manage and offer a fun free time on the open water, or an adventurous journey with a guided tour.

Paddleboarding and Windsurfing

Both of these sports are so much fun, especially for those trying to get on their feet and coast along the lively ocean surface. While paddleboarding offers a mellow and unique way to move about the water,  Windsurfing let natural forces guide you to high speeds and exciting runs. 


Fishing is not as boring as it sounds. It’s one of the most enjoyable and exclusive water sports in Miami Beach as you might have the chance to catch great fish on a day out on a boat. This is the perfect sport for couples, families and friends to have a relaxing day on the open-ocean. You can enjoy a wide range of selection includes daily trips, specialty trips, bachelor parties, corporate charters and more.

Miami Beach can accommodate your taste no matter how you want to enjoy the water

How teens benefit from summer sports

School year is very busy for teens trying to balance school, homework, sports, family, extracurricular activities, relationships, etc. Hence, summer seems to be a great opportunity for them to slow down and relax. While many teens (and their parents) are being pressured to participate in activities that are “resume ” for college application. Although, after the tough school year that they been through, there is nothing wrong with downtime, they are entitled to some fun and to recharge before the next school year. 

Physical activities is Good

Teens are in their growing period which requires a lot of physical activities. While during the school year, they must stay up late and wake up early to study, summer should be the time for them to follow their natural rhythm, rebalance, replenish energy, physically and mentally by participating in some sports.

Help increase Family Bond

During school year, teens and parents are both busy with their schedules, summer time should be the time for reconnect with each other. No matter it is a big family trip, or just coming home early and spend sometimes practicing sports together, etc., it all works. When family members spend time together, wonderful things happen – it reinforces the relationship and sense of love and caring.

Sport help balancing

Depending on each individual demand, teens can either embrace short downtime or a complete break for practicing as long as they feel balance. Just give teens the freedom to choose. Additionally, parental involvement is important as these experiences help build character as well as credentials. It’s recommended that a summer combine variety of activities includes working for pay, volunteering, sport, homework, and some truly free time for reading novels, making a music video, writing a screenplay is also ideal to boost creativity. Besides, parents can involve teens in helping chores around the house such as looking after younger siblings, doing laundry, prepare dinner, etc.

Let them play and try new things. 

The best scuba diving sites in Africa (part 2)

South Africa

South Africa is known as the shark diving capital of the world, specialising in high-adrenalin dive sites. Divers can choose from a variety of options such as Aliwal Shoal in KwaZulu-Natal where divers can encounter tiger sharks, bull sharks, and oceanic black-tips; the Shoal’s reefs home of sand-tiger sharks; Protea Banks with strong currents and hammerhead sharks and Gansbaai, Simonstown, and Mossel Bay which is the breeding ground of white sharks. If divers interested in wreck sites, there are plenty of sunken ships to explore off Durban. As for divers who look for a more sedate option, they can visit the sleepy dive town of Sodwana Bay which is located on the border with Mozambique and known for its colorful reefs, and abundant tropical fish.


Africa’s Indian Ocean islands stand out as the famous location in term of offshore diving with the world’s third largest coral reef system along the island’s southwest coast, which is home for approximately 6,000 marine species. One of the most famous diving sites in Madagascar is the exclusive resort Nosy Be on the island’s northwest coast with beautiful reefs, the mighty whale shark and two of the marine world’s most sought-after animals called manta ray. Divers can also dive at the stunning reefs and watching whale near the east coast island of Île Sainte-Marie.


Mozambique is the unsung hero of African diving with variety of diving locations such as Ponta do Ouro in the south which is famous with bottlenose dolphin and high-octane dive site Pinnacles; Tofo Beach in further north which is known by their fascinating topography, healthy coral system and whale sharks and manta rays; the idyllic Bazaruto Archipelago is one of the best African protected areas for seeing the vulnerable dugong and the exclusive resorts of the Quirimbas Archipelago in the far north which offer unparalleled wall diving and plenty of macro critters.