How to play beach tennis

A depressurized tennis ball, a pair of tennis rackets or paddles, a volleyball net or a standard beach volleyball court is all you need for beach tennis which was played popularly in Mauritius. 

How beach tennis began?

This is a obscure sport in some parts of the world, which has appeared in late 70s in Italy where it has grown quickly before being introduced to Brazil, the United States, Australia, Belgium, Spain and France’s overseas departments and territories. In 1997, Italian organized the first European Beach Tennis Championships then in 2001 the first Beach Tennis World Championships by that time they still dominates this sport. Nowadays, the number of people playing beach tennis is on the rise with nearly 10 million people worldwide.

However, not until 2006 that ITF (The International Tennis Federation) has established rules and begun to promote the game all over the world to become a sport for everyone. 

The rules are a mix of beach volleyball and tennis which are quite easy and anyone can quickly caught up. In fact, beside the volleyball scoring scheme of 0 – 15 – 30 – 40 and no-ad at deuce; the rest is basically just tennis on a regulation beach volleyball court. The sport is allow players to compete 2 on 2 for advanced level, 3 on 3 for intermediate level, or 4 on 4 for beginners and casual level. 

At the beginning, you can practice hitting the ball back and forth the court to get used to rallies, and everything else will gradually fall into places.

Beach tennis is a great sport for people of all ages of either recreational or competing purposes. So, as soon as, you have the occasion to try beach tennis during your holidays, do not hesitate. This sport truly combines sport activity with the beautiful nature – sun, beach and sand.