Most beautiful kayaking trips that will change your life (Part 2)

3. Ottawa

If you’re fond of big water, huge speed and amazing waves, then visit to Canada and the Ottawa River – home to the safest big water in the world. Two different channels have a range of rapids to fit and entertain everybody from beginners to the professionals. In the spring, this becomes the venue for some of the world’s top paddlers as they look for the big waves during snowmelt season. During the summer, it is a bubbling community with a combination of all ages and abilities enjoy the warm water to surf and paddle the top amazing rapids and waves. It’s also place of many major freestyle and white water competitions annually such as the King of Clubs competition. 

4. Nepal

The adventure paradise of the Himalayas region, Nepal offers some of the most amazing kayaking holiday places with beautiful scenery, culture, people and rivers. Nepal is a truly magical place. No matter where you’re paddling either the Upper Seti half day, or heading to the Everest region, there’s so much to explore and paddling. Besides, every year the Nepalese Rafting Association organize a White Water Festival, which is a great opportunity to meet other paddlers and start a journey. 

5. New Zealand

Hidden in the furthest part of the planet, New Zealand is the adventure paradise of the world with everything that fit from grade 2 or grade 5+ kayaking. The North Island offer a real rainforest feel, with rivers running their way through tree-lined gorges. The South Island offers the contrary, with Alpine mountains, rolling hills and valley to valley for classic kayaking runs. Different from Europe, New Zealand’s population is very limited although the country is very open and developed, some of kayaking adventures will lead you to the middle of nowhere. Kaikoura is a coastal town on the South Island featuring dolphins and whales.