Steps to start scuba diving (Part 2)

If you are interested in discovering new life in the sea, scuba diving is one of the most favorite. Through this water sport, you can explore stunning beauties from the landscapes, marine creature as well biology diversity of the deep ocean. It looks great and exciting.

However, to start scuba diving smoothly, you need to reach some certificates and skills.

In this article, we continue to share steps to start this game easily. These requirements are necessary to have a safe trip.

From the former article, we share two steps: firstly, you need to check whether you can meet all requirement or not. Then you will register a course to have overall about theory and how to use equipment in scuba diving. now, we move to the next step.

Step 3:  Prepare diving equipment

After the training course, you can understand clearly whether which gear is necessary to start this sport. Then you can choose either buy or rent it.

There are some compulsory gears you should use and know the usage like masks, fins, wetsuit, snorkels, regulators or compass…you can reference checklist of scuba diving through instructions from the former divers.

When you determine these gears, you should consider whether you buy or rent it. The fact, some gears are expensive so you can rent at shops if you don’t use it usually. However, something you should use new like wetsuit, masks or fins because it is designed to suit body of per diver. When you buy new, it’s more comfortable to travel in the water. 

Another way, using new gears brings a lot of advantages like you can control lifespan, function, maintenance or confidence to do it. But it can consume so much money from your budget. So, you should consider carefully about choosing diving equipment.