Steps to start scuba diving (Part 1)

Scuba divng is one of the most interesting water sport in the modern life. It attacks everyone loving adventure in the water.

However, to start this sport is not easy. You need to overcome some certificates as well collect soft skills from the former divers so that you can safe in the diving trip. Furthermore, you also pay a big bugdet to purchase equipment, fee for course and register some diving courses as requirements. Although it has some complications, it is still wellcomed and choosen by many divers. This is a great way to explore new life in the sea by your naked eyes.

In this article, we collect some necessary steps to start scuba diving well.

Step 1: Check whether you can meet requirement for scuba diving or not

With technologies and advances in diving, almost people in all ages can learn and enjoy this sport. However, it’s better you check whether your physical fitness can meet medical conditions for this water sport or not. 

It’s necessary to have reasonable solutions in case you are in some physical issues. Because there are a few conditions to contraindicateint this sport so that protecting your health and safty under the water. So, it’s better to complete physical test to assure that you are enough conditions for scuba diving.

Step 2: Register a scuba diving course

To reduce inherent risks under the water, you should learn how to use diving equipment properly as well follow safe instructions from guide or coach.

Although you can place an order one guide to support you in diving process, you should know all technique and useage so that you can control them in emergencies.

Furthermore, joining a diving course helps you to prastice detail on theory and real situation in the pool. Some scuba diving course can offer certificate for liife.

Top water sport for kids

When kids are in mature and growth, you should encourage them to play sports. It’s a good way to develop overall, including health, physicals, mental as well fitness.

If you tend to have a beach trip in this vacation with your family but don’t know which water sport is suitable for kids, you can follow our article to suggest some games matching with children. The truth that there are many games for your family to play together in a safe way. Let enjoy your holiday with useful outdoor activities for your kids.

1/ Snorkeling/ diving

Scuba diving is an interesting water sports of the adult. You also apply this sport for kids. Make sure they are exciting when exploring depths of the sea as well a little landscapes under water. It’s new experience for them.

Of course children can’t join scuba diving because it requires complicated skills. But they can be allowed to play snorkeling or diving which is easier. To start this game, you only prepare fins, goggles and a breathing tube. Then instruct them to practice it.

In case your kids have not swim, this game is useful to learn how to adapt under water then is convenient for swimming. You also remind to supervise them carefully when snorkeling.

2/ Running on the sand

This sport is a new version of normal running, so it makes more interesting for kids.

During your vacation, you push your children more activities to consume more energy. It’s better to prevent lazy habit in thoughts and actions. Running on the sand is new experience which only can do in the beach.

Your children can go on the sand with secure shoes and glass eyes, then they are free to discover news. Don’t worry your kids ankle and knees be injured because you use a high quality pair of shoe.

According to the research, running on the sand is good for circulation system.


Summer is the best season to go to the beach and join water sports. It’s perfect to enjoy a wonderful summer vacation.

In this article, we share great sports you can play with your teams or family on the beach.

1/ Beach volleyball

Almost people are lovely to play beach volleyball when they go to the sea. The fact that volleyball is a popular sport in daily live. From students to workers, all people can play volleyball only with some basic rules.

On the beach, volleyball is still easy to set up and take action. You only need to prepare a net and a ball, then collecting about 5-6 people, then you can start this game. Even if you don’t have a team, you can ask any beachgoer on the beach to join it.

Remembering that you should use sun-cream to protect your skin to avoid the sunny directly.

2/ Ultimate Frisbee

Collecting a group about 8 or more and tossing a Frisbee at one target around on the sand is a true beach pastime for your holiday. This task seems simple but can improve some skills such as practicing exercise, eye-seeing ability or losing weight.

In addition, this sport also improves tossing skills as well doing determining targets. Even you prefer to increase more difficulty level, you can move target into the water. It’s not easy as your thought.

3/ Kadima

It is another version of tennis or ping-pong but it is played on the beach. The fact that this game is very simple. Only requiring one couple and a ball then you can start this game with ton of fun. Mission is keeping the ball away from water which avoid obstacles from your partner or strong waves in the sea.

Normally, you should play Kadima within 20-30 minutes to protect your health.

Top Water Sports to Try on Your Summer Vacation (Part 2)

This water sport will give you a thrilling and adventurous feeling on the sea. You will not only get to relax by the splashing of water, but it will also give you an adrenaline rush, from the rapid speed of being towed by a boat whilst standing on the board.

Some people might think it’s similar to traditional surfing, but Kite-surfing brings surfing to the next level. Over the last few decades, it has gained more and more popularity from water enthusiasts and is the perfect mix of both surfing and wakeboarding.
Whilst trying this sport you’ll get to experience the thrill and speed of kite-surfing over waves and is perfect on a windy summer day. This sport is highly advised to those seeking fun, thrills, and for those ready to make their summer vacation full of unforgettable memories.

Rafting is an adventurous sport where you’ll be cruising through rapids. You’ll have to enjoy it as a team to be on the right path, while the water tosses you in all directions, and the sport is an amazing experience to enjoy with your friends and family.
To enjoy this water sport you should always wear protection gear, such as a helmet, life jacket, and hardcover for knees etc, as you could be thrown into water anytime.

Sea walking and scuba diving
Sea walking is a dream sport for those that want to discover marine life, but are not professional swimmers or scuba diver. You will be accompanied by an expert for the underwater walk and will be wearing a mask to assist breathing.  During the activity you’ll get to experience being submerged in the sea, surrounded by beautiful marine life and stunning coral reefs.
Scuba diving, on the contrary, is a lot more technical but will enable you to swim below the surface and see first hand some of the incredible aquatic animals on our planet. To get started you could participate in an introductory dive which will give you a glimpse into what diving is like and if you like it then progress onto an advanced diving course.

Basic rules you should know about beach volleyball (Part 1)

Take a quick look at the rules of beach volleyball. Immediately book that the rules in beach volleyball are the same for boys and girls. The team in beach volleyball consists of two people, if one of the players is injured and unable to continue the game, then this team will be defeated.

Teams play in turn, first serving until they lose their right of service due to a loss of points or errors. After the team plays the ball again, another player sends, etc.

Beach volleyball match consists of two games, the score is up to 21 points. If the game reaches the third part, then it reaches 15 points. To win each game, you need to have a difference of points of at least two points. Teams change sides more often than normal volleyball. The change of sides occurred after drawing seven points in the first two games, and every five points in the third.

Rules for receiving the ball

In beach volleyball, the ball may be knocked off with any part of the body, but the player of a team may touch the ball no more than three times, after which they must return it to the party.

Because of violations of improper rules or behavior, players receive alerts (yellow cards), comments (red cards), deletion (red and yellow cards at the same time, meaning failure in the game) or eliminated (red and yellow cards at the same time in different matches, meaning defeat in the match).

Beach volleyball court

The size of the beach volleyball court is 16 meters long and 8 meters wide. The area is covered with sand with a depth of at least 40 cm and is divided into two equal parts by a net. Nets in men’s beach volleyball at an altitude of 2.43 meters, and in women at an altitude of 2.24 meters.

The marking of the volleyball court is made with a 5 cm tape, which is fitted with a metal peg or special wooden platter.

Water Sports to Try in Australia (Part 2)


The beauty of kayaking is that players are not restricted to the beach: but can kayak down rivers, lakes, as well as around the coast. So no matter where players choose to stay, if there’s water nearby they’ll be able to participate. There are many to choose from such as padding around the Hobart waterfront or Sydney Harbour, around Lake Burley Griffin in the ACT or just in any calm bays.

For those expecting a longer kayaking experience, there are multi-day kayaking trails that show off the best side of Australia. If you’re a nature lover, book in advance a trip in Tasmania for some breathtaking wilderness adventure. For anyone who is looking to stay on the coast, surfing through the Sea Kayak Australia’s multi-day coastal tours in Victoria.

Stand-up paddleboarding

As one of the quickest growing water sports in the world, stand-up paddleboarding is centered around balance – balancing help players to witness incredible scenery! Australia has countless number of incredible scenery to select, as well as the choice between quiet, calm bays to practice your flat-water paddling and good surf for testing your hand at surf break wave riding.

Stand-up paddleboards can be bought or rent from various places around Australia, and the sport is easy enough that incr can generally get the hang of it without even taking. lessons. If you’d rather have an instructor to help you master paddleboarding in one lesson, there are various locations in Queensland offer stand-up paddleboard lessons.

Learning to Kite Surf is strictly and solely for the adventurous players  – one will need some pretty strong nerves and some serious upper body strength to get the hang of this watersport. For those willing to give it a try, the payoff is absolutely pure exhilaration, a very decent workout and great upper body muscles.

Australia’s Gold Coast in Queensland is ideal place for kitesurfing; it’s easy for beginners but exhilarating enough for advanced seasoned kite surfers. Book a lesson to learn about basic skills and start catching waves as soon as possible.

The formation history of beach volleyball (Part 3)

That debut match, Pablo Johnson and Bill Brothers still won, and the joy from the process that the quartet received was so great that the boys decided to play exactly two of the two. Gradually, the advantage of the new format was appreciated by other “beach people”.

And Johnson, seemingly a reward for his ingenuity, has become one of the best players in history. He performed with many partners at the highest level until he was 63 years old, but won one of the first major victories (in the championship of the sports club in Santa Monica) in 1931 with with Clarence Krabbe, another legend (like Kahanamoku) about swimming the world.

A year later, Krabbe won the Olympic gold medal at a distance of 400 meters of freedom, and became the author of a series of world records at six different distances, and not without success, he competed with Johnny Weissmuller. Great for the title of first actor among swimmers.

Beach volleyball is a sport between two teams with two members, with the original rules of traditional volleyball, and has been an Olympic sport since 1996.

Like a traditional indoor volleyball, the main task of an athlete’s game is to bring the ball through the net and finish it in the opposite court, while also blocking the same task from the opponent. Each team is allowed to touch the ball 3 times to get the ball through the court to attack.

A kick starts with a tee shot – taken behind the goal line, the ball goes over the net and is in the opponent’s court. The ball ends when the ball hits the court of a team; fly out of the court line or not pass the opponent’s court properly (put the ball under the net, the ball touches the limit, touch the net or pass the ball to the other side after 4 or more touches of the ball).

The team that took the previous goal kick will be allowed to serve. 4 players took turns teeing off during the match.

Beach volleyball was first known in southern California, USA, and has now been popular around the world.

Water Sports to Try in Australia (Part 1)

Have you ever imagined what it is like to fly? If you have, wonder no more, just try aqua jetpack flying which is one of the thrill motorsports in Australia that closest to flying.

With beautiful weather all year round, every season is the perfect time to deep into the water and play watersport under many incredible beaches. There are dozens of unique water-based adventures to select which based on the Australian outdoorsy lifestyle and appropriate for both newbies and experienced fitness fans alike.

If you ever wished to fly around like Superman, then you must try Aqua Jetpack Flying with Jetpack which is the sport developed in Australia in 2012, and based roughly on James Bond movie. 

Put on your little helmet and you’re ready to go – of course, after the instructors tell you how to use the jetpack. In no time you’ll be flying above the water, free as a bird – or, a flying fish.

Jetpack Adventures have multiple destinations in Queensland, New South Wales as well as Perth in Western Australia.

Australian love surfing; those who know how to control the waves are often seen swimming in the water, looking for the perfect swell, and those who never know always wish they had learnt to do so.

Fortunately, one of the thumb rules of surfing is that it’s never too late to start, and with some of the best surfing destinations in the world at hand, Australia is the best destination to do it.

You can find surfing courses promoted at most every beache around Australia – just as long as there are beaches with waves to catch. Surfing Australia provides surfing courses in almost every state, as well as listing any surfing tournaments worth following, so check their website regularly to book in advance a lesson at your closest beach.

The brief history of beach volleyball

Part 1: The birth of volleyball

On February 9, 1895, in Holyoke, Massachusetts (USA), William Morgan, a physical education guide created the indoor game called “Mintonette” – the precursor of today’s volleyball.

Accordingly, the foundation to create this game is a combination of previous sports: tennis (the ball is played back and forth between a double net to prevent the court), handball (using hand to play ball, players pass the ball to each other before finishing and basketball (the action of beating the ball or “dropping” to record the point of wear and tear like the movement of putting the ball into the basket).

A year later (1896), the first official performance was conducted by students of the YMCA International School (now Springfield College). Alfred Halstead, closely monitored and pointed out the key points of this game. Soon after, “Mintonette” was changed to volleyball – today’s volleyball.

Playing women’s volleyball in the early 20th century

Regarding the origin of volleyball, until now there has been no agreement on the sources. One source claims that it was invented by Spalding in 1896, but another source is that the official ball was born in 1900. After the United States, the first country to introduce volleyball was Canada, in 1900.

In 1916, detailed set rules were introduced in the Philippines. Accordingly, at first people applied wings to calculate points per set to 21, then (in 1917) changed to 15 to shorten the playing time of the set. Four years later, the “three-touch rule” – the very important foundation of the game is widely popular.

However, it was not until the World Volleyball Federation was born, in 1947, that volleyball was truly standardized in many aspects and at the same time had a strong development momentum across the globe, especially since the tournament. The first world for men was held in 1949 (the first women’s World Championship in 1952).

In 1964, volleyball was officially competed at the Olympics.

By 1987, beach volleyball – a “variation” of volleyball – was officially launched, but BCBB took only 7 more years to be featured in the Olympics.

Top beautiful kayaking trips that will change your life (Part 2)


Chile is well-known for kayaking with everything a kayaker could possibly hope for, featuring huge waterfalls and stunning bright blue rapids, to the Futaleufu. Whether you’re an advanced creek boater seeking an epic photo, or a recreational paddler seeking beautiful crystal blue water, Chile has it all. Set base in Pucon and you can easy access class 3-4 runs, or travel further afield and explore Patagonia. 


The US have almost every style of paddling that a paddler could possibly look for in the rivers of Europe and the UK – from the epic creeks and freestyle paddling in Colorado, to the huge volume rapids and popular classic runs in West Virginia, to the super steep and crazy gnar of South California, as well as the amazing big volume of the Payette rivers and the Middle Salmon. The USA is an awesome places for kayaking holiday. Two of the best multi-day paddling adventures are the Grand Canyon of the Colorado ( 20 days trip cover 280+miles) and the Main Salmon River (7 days trip cover 100 miles). If you choose to start at the Main Salmon River, the Salmon River Motel is a best place to set up camp.


If you want something a little different. You should your play boat or surf kayak and hit the beaches for a long weekend in the tiny island of Lanzarote in the Canary Islands. Lanzarote has some of the most stunning beaches and beautiful holiday resort  in the Atlantic. Instead of booking a room near a pool, enjoy some luxury meal, you can trade for a package holiday and a relaxed sea kayaking adventure by heading straight to Playa Blanca. Although Playa Papagayo is not be the most challenging trips, but it is a great way to kick back and get relax with the sport!