You should enjoy these beach sports at least once in life! (Part 4)

Here is the end of the list of great beach sports you should try at least once in life.

SUP board

SUP Board is a game for those who like to relax. A game for those who are a little lazy and just want to enjoy something soothing and relaxing on the sea.

SUP Board is like windsurfing, with a board of steam or foam or plastic, etc. along with a paddle. If you are new to play, you can find yourself a calm, little windy sea, slowly swim to the sea and lie on it to relax, sunbathe or admire the view as you like. Otherwise, you can wear an extra belt under your feet and surf on the surf. This is a fairly new game so very few beaches have.


It looks strange, right? Because this is a game that is still quite unfamiliar to everyone, partly because the cost for a quite expensive game is about $300 up to $500 but only lasts from 5 to 15 minutes.

In addition, the player also requires experience, otherwise you will not be able to perform any movements like the photos below.

Feast your eyes on overseas flyboarders and incredible flying tactics at sea.

The name of this subject is the Fly Board, also known as the Hover Board, is currently the hottest beach game on the beaches of Thailand, France, England and especially Dubai.

Before playing, you need to learn a few movements to ensure safety. With Flyboard, you easily fly up high or freely fall into the sea. When playing Flyboard you need to briefly learn a few standing stances and how to balance when on the air.

Above are the great beach sports you should try at least once in life. Whenever you have a vacation at the beach, choose the destination that support these sports and have great hours of enjoyment with it. Have fun!

Four exciting beach activities on yacht

In addition to wine and lavish parties, the relaxing experience of a long cruise on the upper class yacht also has more exciting thrills on the blue sea.

Nowadays, as yachts are gradually becoming a must-have luxury toy for the rich in Asia, thrilling games are being added, alongside familiar games such as built-in floats, jet engine or jetski.

Iron Man flies

Easily topping the list of adventure games to try, is Flyboard and Jetpack – the game of iron people flying at sea.

It is impossible to resist the attraction of the feeling of flying to a height of 12m and circling a few times on the blue sea. If Flyboard needs to learn how to balance, then Jetpack is suitable for new players, because you can sit without having to learn the controls too much.

Thanks to the simple set-up system, Zapata Racing toys can be attached to any of the yetski’s existing jetski sets. The company has also researched and continued to improve these devices for more than half a decade. Today, many types of exhaust pipes are designed for advanced players to create more tricks.

Scuba diving with mini submarines

Yachts usually have a diving certificate, but certainly not all of their friends have the same certificate. How can you resist the deep, beautiful coral beds of the Pacific Ocean? Bring the mini submarine U-Boat Worx, to enjoy these wonderful moments together.

Basically, U-Boat Worx is a safe and open observation room for 2 people, equipped with propulsion and air pumping system (like the Super Yacht Sub 3), the cockpit is also designed simply. so you can control it easily. And of course, the yacht is also equipped with air conditioning and music, with just a few buttons.

A safe jumping lake over the sea

Surely someone will be surprised to see a swimming pool set in the middle of the ocean. The inflatable pool is an ideal idea of ​​FunAir, when there are those who spoil the promenade like the obnoxious jellyfish causing itching.

With a few armchairs, wine and sun, you can enjoy the privacy of the private pool on the beach, as well as soak in the warm water extremely safe before the visit. Ask those who are not invited.

The Zorb battle

With Zorb balls, the relaxing moment will add more memorable moments, with rolling on the vast ocean in transparent balls. Don’t forget to equip a small canoe along the journey, in case someone gets tired or Zorb balls float too far in the sea.

Flyboard – Such a thrilling game that attracts young people

FlyBoard or Hoverboard is a special set of equipment that allows the user to fly up to nearly 10m high thanks to the push of water.

Flyboard is a personal jet propulsion device powered by water, designed by Franky Zapata. Basically, Flyboard uses a powerful jet engine that draws water through a long bottom tube and pushes out with a great pressure. This repulsion can make it fly 9 m above the water.

The flyboard is connected to a jet engine located on land or on the deck of the boat, which draws water and then compresses it with high pressure and pushes out a pipe to the flyboard. The main pipe is connected to the device like a ski board attached to the driver’s foot. On the board there are 2 main exhaust pipes, creating very strong thrust to help the driver fly into the air or perform acrobatics.

From the main pipeline, there are two smaller auxiliary pipes attached to the operator’s hand, two auxiliary pipes to help the operator keep balance, or adjust the flight direction. Flyboard also has equipment to adjust the thrust, helping the driver easily control the flight path.

Flyboard controls are like a combination of water sports, windsurfing, diving and acrobatics. However, according to Franky Zapata, it will only take you a few minutes to get used to the basic techniques, and about 1 hour to master it.

Flying around the waves will make you feel like a superhero but when you dive into the water, you will feel like a dolphin. A basic set of Flyboard devices costs £ 4,200 (equivalent to US $ 6,300), if you accept to spend an additional 900 pounds (equivalent to US $ 1200) you will have an additional booster system and pressure regulator with a throttle, helping Increase the power of “armor”.

Above are some basic information about flyboard. Hopefully, the article is helpful for you!

Top sports on the beach dedicated to your travels (Part 2)

3. Kayaks

Want to discover the natural wonders with your best friend? Or freely look at the islands, the surrounding space with healthy sport activity. Just combine travel and relaxation, and do some sports movements, nothing more interesting. Kayaking activities are usually available at popular tourist sites at the beach.

This is an attractive activity for visitors. However, when participating in this experience, you should note to ensure safety for yourself by lifebuoy and prepare some basic movements when unfortunately falling into the water.

4. Water motorbike

Water motorbike is one of the most interesting and interesting beach sports activities in the world. With only a boat with a water engine, you can unleash your horizontal and vertical drive to the sea, and explore the sights around the cool water yourself.

To be able to control the water motorbike, you need to equip yourself with certain boat driving skills. You should consider carefully before registering to participate in entertainment activities for enthusiasts who love speed and adventure!

5. Flyboard

Flyboard is a relatively new beach sports activity. The principle of the sport is that the engine is mounted on the participant’s leg, combined with a skateboard with 2 thrusters. Flyboard appears in some major beach resorts.

Flyboard players can hover through the air from 6 to 10 meters, creating a sense of excitement and no less adventurous. If you are a person who feels strong and wants to keep beautiful moments from acrobatics.

Above are the top 5 popular beach sports to enjoy during your trip. Do you have any plans to have fun for you in the upcoming beach trip? If not, please refer to the information we just provided. Surely, you will have perfect fun moments with your relatives and family.