How teens benefit from summer sports

School year is very busy for teens trying to balance school, homework, sports, family, extracurricular activities, relationships, etc. Hence, summer seems to be a great opportunity for them to slow down and relax. While many teens (and their parents) are being pressured to participate in activities that are “resume ” for college application. Although, after the tough school year that they been through, there is nothing wrong with downtime, they are entitled to some fun and to recharge before the next school year. 

Physical activities is Good

Teens are in their growing period which requires a lot of physical activities. While during the school year, they must stay up late and wake up early to study, summer should be the time for them to follow their natural rhythm, rebalance, replenish energy, physically and mentally by participating in some sports.

Help increase Family Bond

During school year, teens and parents are both busy with their schedules, summer time should be the time for reconnect with each other. No matter it is a big family trip, or just coming home early and spend sometimes practicing sports together, etc., it all works. When family members spend time together, wonderful things happen – it reinforces the relationship and sense of love and caring.

Sport help balancing

Depending on each individual demand, teens can either embrace short downtime or a complete break for practicing as long as they feel balance. Just give teens the freedom to choose. Additionally, parental involvement is important as these experiences help build character as well as credentials. It’s recommended that a summer combine variety of activities includes working for pay, volunteering, sport, homework, and some truly free time for reading novels, making a music video, writing a screenplay is also ideal to boost creativity. Besides, parents can involve teens in helping chores around the house such as looking after younger siblings, doing laundry, prepare dinner, etc.

Let them play and try new things.