Surfing – the ultimate beach sport

Would it be any better way than being in the beach to steam off in a hot summer day? Beach holiday is a fantastic family getaway with the white sand, blue water, the sound of the waves and so many fun activities.

Among various types of beach sports, Surfing is one of the best water extreme sports in which surfer rides a board on the forward or face of a moving wave in an upright or prone position. Surfers glide across the surface of ocean, river, or man-made waves until the wave breaks and loses its energy. The wave usually carries the surfer towards the shore, that is such an incredible experience. But careful, it is not for amateurs or children.

Riding waves is so much fun, and everybody must try it at least once. Surfing brings you the experience of flying and walking on water at the same time. Surfer must learn to harness of the wind power to propel a surf board across the wave. In fact, it is not so easy, you must go through a proper training before starting to surf in the ocean, remember to start in the whitewater part of the wave for your own safety.

There are several types of board sports that evolve from surfing such as skateboarding, bodyboarding, windsurfing, kitesurfing, skimboarding, kneeboarding and so on.

To some people, surfing is not only a sport, a recreational activity but also a lifestyle, an addiction and a spiritual connection with mother nature.

The popularity of surfing has never stopped. Statistic frim the International Surfing Association shows that there are over 25 million surfers around the world which makes the surf industry worth around USD 15 billion. Every year, you can see thousands of tourists surfing on the exotic beaches around the world such as Hawaii, Miami, Maldives, Philippines and so on.

If you are exciting about trying this sports, don’t miss our next article in which we will introduce the 10 best destinations for you to start surfing.