You should enjoy these beach sports at least once in life! (Part 3)

Let’s continue with the list of beach sports you should enjoy at least once in life!


If you only love speed and want to be safer, why Jetski missed it? Jetski is available at almost any major beach.

Jetski is truly a game, with integrated transportation on the sea if you want to go sightseeing and sightseeing. It does not require much, just takes a few minutes to get acquainted with the way of running of Jetski, the grip and steering.

Then you can be sure that if the boat capsized, you already had a life jacket and a lifeguard would always follow you back.

All you need to do is rev up the engine, surf on the surface of the sea, even though the wind and the waves keep hitting you. However, for those of you who have never tried it, don’t go too far to make it safer.

Kite surfing

It’s a bit risky and needs patience to get used to it. Because kite surfing feels like a combination of surfing, Parasailing and Windsufing. So it requires you to have some experience and ingenuity.

Make sure you can control your kite right on the sea, especially when this game almost depends solely on the wind. As for your kite to stretch, the way the wind will blow you will fly like that.

When playing kitesurfing, the kite will be the controller and you need to drive in the right direction.

It takes a lot of effort to control the direction of flight and the altitude, but once you get used to it, the feeling of you flying, gliding, and surfing on the sea surface is extremely good. Especially for those who love speed, want to be “heroic”, you have to try once when you go to the sea!