Four exciting beach activities on yacht

In addition to wine and lavish parties, the relaxing experience of a long cruise on the upper class yacht also has more exciting thrills on the blue sea.

Nowadays, as yachts are gradually becoming a must-have luxury toy for the rich in Asia, thrilling games are being added, alongside familiar games such as built-in floats, jet engine or jetski.

Iron Man flies

Easily topping the list of adventure games to try, is Flyboard and Jetpack – the game of iron people flying at sea.

It is impossible to resist the attraction of the feeling of flying to a height of 12m and circling a few times on the blue sea. If Flyboard needs to learn how to balance, then Jetpack is suitable for new players, because you can sit without having to learn the controls too much.

Thanks to the simple set-up system, Zapata Racing toys can be attached to any of the yetski’s existing jetski sets. The company has also researched and continued to improve these devices for more than half a decade. Today, many types of exhaust pipes are designed for advanced players to create more tricks.

Scuba diving with mini submarines

Yachts usually have a diving certificate, but certainly not all of their friends have the same certificate. How can you resist the deep, beautiful coral beds of the Pacific Ocean? Bring the mini submarine U-Boat Worx, to enjoy these wonderful moments together.

Basically, U-Boat Worx is a safe and open observation room for 2 people, equipped with propulsion and air pumping system (like the Super Yacht Sub 3), the cockpit is also designed simply. so you can control it easily. And of course, the yacht is also equipped with air conditioning and music, with just a few buttons.

A safe jumping lake over the sea

Surely someone will be surprised to see a swimming pool set in the middle of the ocean. The inflatable pool is an ideal idea of ​​FunAir, when there are those who spoil the promenade like the obnoxious jellyfish causing itching.

With a few armchairs, wine and sun, you can enjoy the privacy of the private pool on the beach, as well as soak in the warm water extremely safe before the visit. Ask those who are not invited.

The Zorb battle

With Zorb balls, the relaxing moment will add more memorable moments, with rolling on the vast ocean in transparent balls. Don’t forget to equip a small canoe along the journey, in case someone gets tired or Zorb balls float too far in the sea.