Benefits of water sports for your fitness

It’s that time of year when New Year’s resolutions urging, making many people turn their attention to new health and fitness goals. Rather than joining a gym, why not get to the water and try a water sport such as sailing, surfing, scuba diving, rowing, swimming, and water obstacle courses. By practicing a water sport, not only can you challenge yourself, but you can also gain health and fitness benefits! Let us dive in the details.

New scenery

In most cases water sports take place in different outdoor environments which allow you to enjoy a lake or the high seas with beautiful surroundings and fresh air. If you live on scuba diving, then you’ll benefit from exploring the world under-the-sea with marine plants and aquatic animals.


By getting closer to nature you will instantly begin to feel at ease, more relaxed and a sense of freedom.  The calming sounds of the waters will force you to concentrate the mind on what you are doing to the exclusion of other stuff. Water sports can also enhance your mood to the highest.


If you are an adventurous seeker and want to seek a new challenge then why not choose a water sport that is packed with thrilling actions and will get your adrenaline racing. Water skiing, wakeboarding, windsurfing, kitesurfing, scuba diving, kayaking, paddle boarding, bodyboarding – there are plenty to choose from.

Low impact

Many water sports are low impact, which means less pressure on your muscles and joints. Swimming in particular is gentle on the body but still build muscle strength. Swimming is often a good option if you suffer with arthritis as it helps soothe achy joints.

Fitness boost

Water sports can improve your fitness, strength and flexibility in upper body parts such as back, arms, shoulders and chest due to the movement of those parts. Besides getting in shape in the water, water sports are a refreshing experience that you can enjoy time and time again with friends and family. 

Top Water Sports to Try on Your Summer Vacation (Part 2)

This water sport will give you a thrilling and adventurous feeling on the sea. You will not only get to relax by the splashing of water, but it will also give you an adrenaline rush, from the rapid speed of being towed by a boat whilst standing on the board.

Some people might think it’s similar to traditional surfing, but Kite-surfing brings surfing to the next level. Over the last few decades, it has gained more and more popularity from water enthusiasts and is the perfect mix of both surfing and wakeboarding.
Whilst trying this sport you’ll get to experience the thrill and speed of kite-surfing over waves and is perfect on a windy summer day. This sport is highly advised to those seeking fun, thrills, and for those ready to make their summer vacation full of unforgettable memories.

Rafting is an adventurous sport where you’ll be cruising through rapids. You’ll have to enjoy it as a team to be on the right path, while the water tosses you in all directions, and the sport is an amazing experience to enjoy with your friends and family.
To enjoy this water sport you should always wear protection gear, such as a helmet, life jacket, and hardcover for knees etc, as you could be thrown into water anytime.

Sea walking and scuba diving
Sea walking is a dream sport for those that want to discover marine life, but are not professional swimmers or scuba diver. You will be accompanied by an expert for the underwater walk and will be wearing a mask to assist breathing.  During the activity you’ll get to experience being submerged in the sea, surrounded by beautiful marine life and stunning coral reefs.
Scuba diving, on the contrary, is a lot more technical but will enable you to swim below the surface and see first hand some of the incredible aquatic animals on our planet. To get started you could participate in an introductory dive which will give you a glimpse into what diving is like and if you like it then progress onto an advanced diving course.

Top beautiful kayaking destinations that will change your life (Part 1)

There are no better ways to see the world than kayak and this are the best places to paddle.Some people like relaxing on the beach-resort during their holiday, however, some prefers to take their sport with them overseas. 

1. The French Alps

No matter your level you are (beginners, immediate or advance), the French Alps are a beautiful venue for kayakers. Beginning with the Ardèche for beginners or starting with the Sunshine Run on the Durance if you are at intermediate/advanced level, you can get familiar with the style and size of the rivers around the region before moving to a more challenging direction that suits your style. For the more advanced paddlers, the French Alps are the perfect warm-up before paddling at more challenging rivers of the Austrian, Swiss and Italian Alps. With beautiful mountains, clean, clear water, and delicious croissants for breakfast, the Alps are an awesome adventure holiday that you won’t forget. Paddlers can stay in the region of Moulin de Montabonnel at a rustic Bed n Breakfast in the stunning Devesset region of Ardeche.

2. Slovenia

If you’re looking for advancing your Instagram, Facebook, any social media channels and getting a good workout, head to the Soča river in Slovenia for experiencing the clearest waters in the world. Although there’s only one river to paddle, but it’s so amazingly beautiful as it is sprawling. The Soča has numerous sections, each of varying in difficulty level, which is why it’s voted as one of the main destinations for club trips. The Kompas Hotel Bled offers affordable but nicely comfortable accommodation close to the river and paddlers can always try to experience the guided Soča River Experience when you need a break from going it alone. Besides, there’s even an amazingly delicious ice cream shop in the small town. What more do you need for a perfect paddling trip?

Basics about beach soccer (part 4)

Beach soccer is a football variation in which football matches take place on a beach or other forms of sandbanks. Beach football emphasizes skills, agility, and accuracy because the ball on the sand is very difficult to control and the movement on the sand field is more difficult than other forms of the stadium.

How are the football soccer disciplines regulated?

The Goalkeeper is an important factor in beach soccer. The goal is placed at the two ends of the field, between the horizontal line. It consists of 2 vertical columns. The distance is equal to 2 corners of the yard and is connected by a horizontal bar. From the inner edge of the goal columns, the two goal columns are 5.5m apart.

The distance from the lower edge of the crossbar to the ground is 2.2m. When designing disciplines, attention must be paid to vertical columns and crossbeams. In particular, vertical columns and crossbeams must be wide according to the prescribed size. Thickness not less than 10cm and not more than 20cm. Vertical columns and crossbeams must be painted in contrast to the sand color.

Mesh made of hemp fibers. Also can be made of jute or nylon. Each goal column must be fastened to the sand to ensure the safety of the players. Behind the goal column are two long horizontal bars. Each stick is 1.5m used to fasten after each goal column.

These two horizontal bars are connected by a bar or chain. They are placed on the surface of sand and attached to sand. The beams or chains must be covered with plastic. Inside there are hook blades and joints placed on the sand surface.

Beach soccer is becoming more and more popular. Beach soccer schedule attracts a lot of attention from fans. Keep track of the information on to get the most up-to-date and accurate information about tournaments!

Basics about beach soccer (part 3)

Beach soccer field

The football field is the place where the match takes place. The surface of the yard is made of sand, flat, and free of gravel, stones and objects that easily cause injury to players. The sand is smooth and thick at least 40cm. Rectangular yard with a long vertical boundary size horizontal line. Length from 35m to 37m, width from 26m to 28m.

Penalty area

The penalty area is the area between the horizontal boundary and the imaginary line parallel to the horizontal boundary. It extends the distance between 2 vertical lines. The penalty area is located 9 meters from the border. In particular, the organizers marked with 2 yellow flags for easy identification. Then place it next to the longitudinal boundary on the outside of the yard. A penalty spot will be included in the penalty area. It is placed in the middle of the line in an imaginary line. The distance between the two columns of subjects.

Flags playing in beach soccer

Each corner is marked with a flagpole. The selected flag color is red. The material used for the flagpole must be polished to match the competition. Flagpole made of flexible, tough plastic and weather resistant. In parallel with the red flag, the yellow flag is used for other purposes. It is placed at the end of each imaginary line to mark the penalty area.

Beach soccer attaches great importance to skill and flexibility

The position of the yellow and red flags will be from 1.0m to 1.5m from the vertical line. The minimum height of the flagpole is 1.5m. Beside is the area to replace people. This is to loosen the player into the yard. It is arranged in front of the referee‘s desk. The estimated length is about 5m. The intersection of the midfield and the longitudinal line is in the middle. The distance between the two ends of the area is 2.5m.

Conquest nature with kayaking

Derived from the Aborigines of Eskimo, now kayaking is becoming an experienced sport with modern people.

Kayak is becoming a sport that attracts many young people to participate

This sport gives players a very unique experience, sometimes confronting the ferocious nature of the waterfall, sometimes drifting along the calm waters, enjoying nature according to many different emotions. Rowing Kayak as an addictive dish with all the young and dynamic people who have ever tried it.

Kayak has a small, slender structure for one person to sit, and is used entirely by human power. Initially, Kayak boats were used by Eskimo fishermen to hunt seabows and whales. But over time, Kayak boats are developed into a popular sport in the modern world today.

Relax gently with kayaking

Far away from working hours, stressful learning or simply to find a relaxed feeling, many young people come to kayaking pleasures on the river. Using a paddle to glide across the water, Kayak boats are not as noisy as other motorboats, it gives players a feeling of enjoying the paddle. The posture of sitting on the boat is also somewhat different, you are placed in a position close to the water so you can easily feel the floating of the waves or the fleeting winds on the surface of the river.

The interesting thing about Kayak is that you can immerse yourself in the sky and watch the natural scenery in a unique way. The player can row the boat to the middle of the river or creep into every corner, explore the river in his own way or simply enjoy the feeling of peace.

The attraction of Kayak overtaking is also in that players have the feeling of conquering nature when crossing a wave of evil, just as they overcome a challenge in life.

Not only that, but kayaking also helps players get supple health, a more ideal body because rowing movements help increase strength and toughness for the muscles in the arms, legs, abdomen, and chest. This beach sports also helps burn excess fat for you to have a more perfect physique and prevent some bone and joint diseases.

Basics about beach soccer (part 2)

In beach soccer law, there are many different rules. In which regulations on equipment to support tournaments or schedules, etc. are very important. As follows:

Basic notes

The beach soccer law was born in 1992. The first tournament was held in Brazil. Beach soccer will change the number of players attending. Each match will still have two teams competing but the number of players in each team is reduced to five. In there will be a goalkeeper.

The match is divided into three rounds. Each round lasts twelve minutes. The total time of competition is forty-five minutes, of which three minutes will be taken between breaks. If after three innings, the draw will play extra time in 3 minutes.

After extra time, any team with more goals will win. In the case of two draw teams will compete in the penalty shootout for 11m. According to the current beach soccer law, free kicks are not blocked. Besides, when throwing a ball, the player can kick the ball or throw the ball. In addition, in the law, the player can score from anywhere in the sand.

Regulations on tools and means of competition

Competition equipment such as balls, flags, bridges or venues is highly regarded in beach soccer tournaments. Before each tournament, these tools were tested very seriously to ensure that the match was not interrupted or the problem was limited.

Lines on the field

The line on the field is straight. The two boundaries are longer than the vertical boundary. Two shorter lines are called horizontal boundaries. There are no separate lines between the two columns. Straight lines are 8 cm to 10 cm wide. The straight line is made from color solutions with colors that are opposite to sand for easier identification. These bands must be held firmly to the sand in the corners of the yard.

Top sports on the beach dedicated to your travels (Part 2)

3. Kayaks

Want to discover the natural wonders with your best friend? Or freely look at the islands, the surrounding space with healthy sport activity. Just combine travel and relaxation, and do some sports movements, nothing more interesting. Kayaking activities are usually available at popular tourist sites at the beach.

This is an attractive activity for visitors. However, when participating in this experience, you should note to ensure safety for yourself by lifebuoy and prepare some basic movements when unfortunately falling into the water.

4. Water motorbike

Water motorbike is one of the most interesting and interesting beach sports activities in the world. With only a boat with a water engine, you can unleash your horizontal and vertical drive to the sea, and explore the sights around the cool water yourself.

To be able to control the water motorbike, you need to equip yourself with certain boat driving skills. You should consider carefully before registering to participate in entertainment activities for enthusiasts who love speed and adventure!

5. Flyboard

Flyboard is a relatively new beach sports activity. The principle of the sport is that the engine is mounted on the participant’s leg, combined with a skateboard with 2 thrusters. Flyboard appears in some major beach resorts.

Flyboard players can hover through the air from 6 to 10 meters, creating a sense of excitement and no less adventurous. If you are a person who feels strong and wants to keep beautiful moments from acrobatics.

Above are the top 5 popular beach sports to enjoy during your trip. Do you have any plans to have fun for you in the upcoming beach trip? If not, please refer to the information we just provided. Surely, you will have perfect fun moments with your relatives and family.

Basics about beach soccer (part 1)

Along with traditional football forms, beach soccer is a popular football tournament. The field of this football game is not the same as the traditional form of competition. Therefore, regulations and related laws will also change.

So what is beach soccer? What kind of competition will it take? All will be in our following article. Let’s discover the website!

Beach soccer – such a very popular sport

Today, football is a popular sport all over the world. The most popular form of competition is outdoor play, on the pitch. The professional soccer leagues in the world also use this form to compare high and low. However, in some countries, in professional or amateur tournaments people also use a direct play on the beach.

The narrow area of ​​the 7-person football field makes it difficult for players to create goals or defend against enemy attacks. Therefore, the introduction of an effective 7-person football map is essential. It helps players better understand the scope of the game as well as the team’s play.

What is beach soccer?

So what is beach soccer? This can be considered as a variant of traditional football. In particular, matches are played on a certain beach instead of playing on the grass. Playground type is sand. This football tournament emphasizes the skill of the players. It requires agility and accuracy. Because when playing because of the elasticity of sand makes the players very difficult to move.

Another plus for beach soccer is the investment cost. Organizers and players will be less expensive. The reason is that playing on the beach does not need to invest too much in costumes or competition shoes. The organizers also do not need to spend the cost of renting stadiums to be a competition venue. Beach soccer is simply playing on a wide, simple ground.

Top 5 beach sports to enjoy in your travels (part 1)

Summer has arrived. The sweltering, hot atmosphere invaded the urban space which was suffocating because of the crowded land. If only in this weather, you could walk and walk on the long sandy road by the blue beach, playing fun games with your best friends. Do you still hesitate to not start your long trip? But first, let’s explore Park Hang Seo with exciting beach sports, dedicated to your travels this summer!

1. Paragliding

When you follow the promotional clips of tourism, you will surely feel extremely excited with the scenery of the clear blue sky with dotted with parachutes and tall people above. Looking at the game looks cool, isn’t it?

One of the most entertaining and entertaining games that offer unlimited refreshing experiences, is the paragliding. In essence, this game has a simple structure, just a canoe that uses a certain type of rope to pull the paraglider in the air. The height that the umbrella can reach hundreds of meters.

Certainly, you will have an interesting space, when above is the cool sky, below is the soft blue color of the far sea. There is nothing better, when the feeling of conquering nature, mixed with the utmost happiness, mixed with the feeling of relaxation when at a height of hundreds of meters.

2. Diving

One of the tourism activities is indispensable when you travel in the seas, it is diving.

Normally, when diving, you will be given the diving service by the diving service provider to choose 1 of 2 different costly diving equipment including a diving tube with swimming goggles and short snorkel or deep water diving with specialized oxygen breathing apparatus. Often the second diving method will be more expensive, but you will definitely be dive deeper and experience more undersea activities.