Going to the beach on summer is one of the most favorite pastimes. As a normal custom, people tend to find some places with the fresh water and play water sports. In this article, we will share top sports you can try.

If you prefer to playing sports in the summer, following this article to see some good recommendations.

4/ Scuba diving

This sport is considered as one of the most water sports on the beach. It brings benefits for health and mental of divers. In addition, it is a good opportunity to discover beautiful landscapes in the sea.

In general, scuba diving becomes a hot sport recently. People feel interesting when having new experience under the sea.

However, you should be careful to check diving equipment as well technical skills to have a safe scuba diving trip. You read guides from mentors or former to remember it well.

5/ Beach soccer

Soccer is a favorite game with almost people in the global. Therefore, someone prefer to play beach soccer in the beach. On the sand, level of this sport is higher and more difficult, so it makes more exciting. The fact that, soccer has a simple regulation. So, it is easy to be practiced simply.

Although a football team in theory consists 11 people, you can collect two group with 5 to 8 members in a team. It’s ok to adjust a number of members properly. Even you are alone, you also don’t worry because you can ask someone on the beach to play with it together. So many people will agree your proposal.

6/ Volleyball

It can’t deny that volleyball is an easy sport to play on the beach. It has a basic regulation and doesn’t require complicated accessory. You only prepare a net, a ball and two teams about 10 people, then you can take action it immediately.

Top 7 favorite beach sports (Part 2)

As referred from the previous article, you shouldn’t miss beach sports in the summer vacation. It makes your trip more meaningful and useful, especially when you go with your family.

Following up the top 7 favorite beach sports which bring other health benefits for you, I continue to introduce 2 other beach sports. Hope that you can improve tips and choose a proper beach sport for the next summer.

3/ Beach Soccer

Soccer or football is the most favorite sport in the world. Enjoy this sport in the beach with your team or anyone playing it. It’s perfect to connect stranger into a team.

Another thing, you get interesting experience when you run and jump in the sand, not the grass yard as normal. Sure that it is more exciting.

4/ Volleyball

Beach volleyball is one of the most popular sports because everyone can play it without professional skill or strong health. The only thing you need is a ball and the game will do the rest for your team.

This beach sport is extremely fun when it makes your health stronger and better than before. The sand yard as well basic skill of volleyball apply you to jump up or down or run accidently without being tired or boring to give up.

You can play this game with your children or your friends. Everyone can play it when you adjust the rule properly.

5/ Body Surfing

Now this sport is active on the water. You should prepare a bathing suit and the rest is following tips as below:

There are three main keys to control and ride the waves successfully

First, the Windmill: It means that you place one arm in the front of your face and use the rest to keep stroking.

Second, the Handcuffs: It means that you place your arms straight in front of you so that it can keep your wrists tightly together.