Top 7 favorite beach sports (Part 3)

Wakesurfing is also considered a highly community sport because you will surf behind the yacht at close range. So you can easily chat as well as show friends and kids how to play wakesurfing.

6. Kayaking

Kayaking is no longer strange to water sports lovers and tourists. This is the perfect sport that can help you relax after stressful working days. In addition, kayaking also enhances your health. Traditionally, kayaking is often the family’s choice so that older people and children can join in and enjoy the beautiful scenery. But if you are an adventure lover, you can kayak at the waterfall to challenge yourself. In addition, with the compactness of kayaking, you can bring it along on the family yacht.

7. Seabob

Seabob was dubbed the “motorcycle running under the water”. Carrying the seabob on a yacht with you and jumping into the water on a windy breeze, you will feel like you are the 007 agent on duty underwater with the most advanced equipment. Seabob is controlled by hand as you ride a motorbike and can move at a speed of 15km per hour.

Half jetski, half submarine, SeaBob are quite small to be able to store in a neat place on your yacht, but will let you surf in the clear blue water with a much stronger repulsion than conventional dive or even There is even more propeller support.

Not only to help you chase the school of fish and dive further, SeaBob also has a full HD image camera system attached for you to capture great frames and share again after the trip. Interestingly, this undersea “jetski” type also supports wireless connectivity with smartphones.

In addition, the sleek, neat, chrome-plated and SeaBob-resistant vessel can be used to run on water when needed.

Above is top 7 favorite water sports. Which water sport would you take if given the opportunity?              

Top 7 favorite beach sports (Part 2)

3. Water skiing

Water skiing is a favorite sport all over the world. In this course, you will stand on a skateboard (like skiing) and be dragged across the water by a yacht. There are a few tips to keep in mind when you play on the water slide: always stand with your knees bent, keep your arms bent and let the boat pull you forward, lean backwards to keep gravity, breathe rhythmically as usual (many people tend to hold their breath when playing extreme sports). Finally, you can try to turn aside gently when you are familiar with the traction and keep a good balance.

4. Wakeboarding

Although quite new in some countries, wakeboarding is a very popular sport abroad. This is a game where you will stand on a skateboard called wakeboard and be dragged along the surface by the yacht. Wakeboard usually has a small and narrow rectangle, with a pair of shoes fixed on the board. This sport is extremely easy to play, does not require too much effort.

Just a few simple techniques, anyone can play. In particular, like jet ski, wakeboarding is a sport that cannot be played alone. Therefore, this is a good opportunity to gather friends and family into the water to have fun and talk to be more connected. If you like watching sports, wakeboarding is also an international championship competition like the Supra Pro Tour that you can watch.

5. Wakesurfing

Wakesurfing is gaining popularity with anti-face speed due to the simplicity and safety of this sport. With wakeboarding, you will have to attach to the boat and be towed, then with wakesurfing, you will be completely independent and just surf right behind the boat (Because when the boat runs, it will create waves for you to surf on the water).