You should enjoy these beach sports at least once in life! (Part 2)

The whole sea, the wind blowing and the beautiful scenery of the beach is all captured in your sight without missing anything. Especially at sunset, playing this game is very ideal. You will have about 10-15 minutes to enjoy, as well as drop in the sky like that and peace of mind, you never fall into the sea halfway. Because you have a bunch of protective belts so sure then nothing. What you need is to enjoy all the beautiful scenery from the ideal height.

The first is to wear an umbrella and protective straps. Then you will be a canoe slowly pulled out to sea. Thanks to the wind and so despite the tension and you also slowly fly up.


No need to swim, no need to dive. You can use your two feet to walk freely on the ocean floor and it is important to be able to see everything around you extremely easily when trying to play Seawalker – also known as walking below sea.

Like flyboard, currently this game has just started to take place in Nha Trang waters only. However, the price is much cheaper than the Fly Board. In contrast, the Fly Board you can fly, the Seawaker you can dive.With many you do not know how to swim, and there is not too much time to learn to complete an intensive diving course, this Seawaker game is a great choice. great.

The feeling of being able to walk and touch the corals and the fish by hand is extremely special.

As long as you put on a pressure-resistant mask, keep pumping oxygen inside, and a pair of soft foam sandals, you can go to the sea, watch the coral reefs live and like the cold. sense that lots of colorful fish are swimming around you.