Top water sport for kids

When kids are in mature and growth, you should encourage them to play sports. It’s a good way to develop overall, including health, physicals, mental as well fitness.

If you tend to have a beach trip in this vacation with your family but don’t know which water sport is suitable for kids, you can follow our article to suggest some games matching with children. The truth that there are many games for your family to play together in a safe way. Let enjoy your holiday with useful outdoor activities for your kids.

1/ Snorkeling/ diving

Scuba diving is an interesting water sports of the adult. You also apply this sport for kids. Make sure they are exciting when exploring depths of the sea as well a little landscapes under water. It’s new experience for them.

Of course children can’t join scuba diving because it requires complicated skills. But they can be allowed to play snorkeling or diving which is easier. To start this game, you only prepare fins, goggles and a breathing tube. Then instruct them to practice it.

In case your kids have not swim, this game is useful to learn how to adapt under water then is convenient for swimming. You also remind to supervise them carefully when snorkeling.

2/ Running on the sand

This sport is a new version of normal running, so it makes more interesting for kids.

During your vacation, you push your children more activities to consume more energy. It’s better to prevent lazy habit in thoughts and actions. Running on the sand is new experience which only can do in the beach.

Your children can go on the sand with secure shoes and glass eyes, then they are free to discover news. Don’t worry your kids ankle and knees be injured because you use a high quality pair of shoe.

According to the research, running on the sand is good for circulation system.

Kayaking and canoeing- is it one or different?

In the summer, it’s perfect to join water sport which is a good place to immerse relaxing to the natural. Kayaking and canoeing are two of the most favorite water sports in this season. However, so many people are confused about these sports which they think it’s one.

The truth that it has difference in playing as well several accessories included. In this article, we will continue to share about some different points between two games.

If you are tending to explore them, don’t hesitate to follow our article to make clear about these water sports before enjoying it.

In the previous article, we explain difference in origin, paddles and kind of kayaking and canoeing. Now, we share more detail about boat characteristics and deck.

Fourthly, difference in boat characteristics

About overall design, boat of kayaks and canoes are similar when it looks thing and lightweight with one or two tips forming to move water faster and easier. It also is nice and simple.

However, we still see difference when the kayaks boats are thinner and thicker than the another. Although it can cover the same number of users. Boat design of kayaks make more high-fashionable and convenient, especially someone to try it in the first time.

About material, they are made of metal, molded plastic and composite materials.

The last, difference in deck

Decks also are known as the openings which keeps water and have more space for sitting.

Depending other boats will have other sizes and types for deck. For example, open deck or closed deck.

In general, decks of canoe are more spacious than decks of kayaks so that canoe needs to have more space to paddlers sit inside the deck. Furthermore, canoe decks have a higher seat to handle paddles easily while they are sitting on the edge of seat.

Kayaking and canoeing- is it one or different?

Among water sports, kayaking and canoeing are one of the biggest rushes you should try it. There are many options for spaces like lakes, river rapids, waterfalls or the sea. It’s a good way to explore views and landscapes naturally. In addition, your health can be better when doing it usual.

 However, someone confuse kayaking and canoeing are the same. Actually, two sports are different. Following our article, we share basic information about both water sports.

Firstly, definition

Canoe is a small boat, pointed at both ends and used by one couple. Two paddlers sit or kneel on the ends then raise a single bladed paddle to steer and move in water. It has to be used power of paddlers. However, some modern boat set up electric motors or gas motors to push movement stronger.

While, a kayak is a slim boat, pointed by one kayaker who sits and uses paddles to steer and move on the water. It is normally covered by cockpit to avoid wet for paddler when moving in low water.

Secondly, difference about paddle

In kayak, paddles have two blades which set at 90° to make convenient for kayaker. But Canoe’s paddles have only one paddle and shorter than its paddle

Thirdly, type of kayaking and canoeing

About kayaking, there are some major types such as kayak touring when you tend to soak up the natural landscape, or sea kayaking for someone to prefer new experience dangerously and adventurously in the sea where waves are strong and powerful.

Whereas, canoeing has more type of version.

For example, marathon canoeing is long distance races which can split more races and portages. It depends on rules from the federation.

Sprint canoeing or a flatwater racing is a race when paddler sit his knee and use paddle to steer water as fast as he can.

Benefits of water sports for your fitness

It’s that time of year when New Year’s resolutions urging, making many people turn their attention to new health and fitness goals. Rather than joining a gym, why not get to the water and try a water sport such as sailing, surfing, scuba diving, rowing, swimming, and water obstacle courses. By practicing a water sport, not only can you challenge yourself, but you can also gain health and fitness benefits! Let us dive in the details.

New scenery

In most cases water sports take place in different outdoor environments which allow you to enjoy a lake or the high seas with beautiful surroundings and fresh air. If you live on scuba diving, then you’ll benefit from exploring the world under-the-sea with marine plants and aquatic animals.


By getting closer to nature you will instantly begin to feel at ease, more relaxed and a sense of freedom.  The calming sounds of the waters will force you to concentrate the mind on what you are doing to the exclusion of other stuff. Water sports can also enhance your mood to the highest.


If you are an adventurous seeker and want to seek a new challenge then why not choose a water sport that is packed with thrilling actions and will get your adrenaline racing. Water skiing, wakeboarding, windsurfing, kitesurfing, scuba diving, kayaking, paddle boarding, bodyboarding – there are plenty to choose from.

Low impact

Many water sports are low impact, which means less pressure on your muscles and joints. Swimming in particular is gentle on the body but still build muscle strength. Swimming is often a good option if you suffer with arthritis as it helps soothe achy joints.

Fitness boost

Water sports can improve your fitness, strength and flexibility in upper body parts such as back, arms, shoulders and chest due to the movement of those parts. Besides getting in shape in the water, water sports are a refreshing experience that you can enjoy time and time again with friends and family. 

Water Sports to Try in Australia (Part 1)

Have you ever imagined what it is like to fly? If you have, wonder no more, just try aqua jetpack flying which is one of the thrill motorsports in Australia that closest to flying.

With beautiful weather all year round, every season is the perfect time to deep into the water and play watersport under many incredible beaches. There are dozens of unique water-based adventures to select which based on the Australian outdoorsy lifestyle and appropriate for both newbies and experienced fitness fans alike.

If you ever wished to fly around like Superman, then you must try Aqua Jetpack Flying with Jetpack which is the sport developed in Australia in 2012, and based roughly on James Bond movie. 

Put on your little helmet and you’re ready to go – of course, after the instructors tell you how to use the jetpack. In no time you’ll be flying above the water, free as a bird – or, a flying fish.

Jetpack Adventures have multiple destinations in Queensland, New South Wales as well as Perth in Western Australia.

Australian love surfing; those who know how to control the waves are often seen swimming in the water, looking for the perfect swell, and those who never know always wish they had learnt to do so.

Fortunately, one of the thumb rules of surfing is that it’s never too late to start, and with some of the best surfing destinations in the world at hand, Australia is the best destination to do it.

You can find surfing courses promoted at most every beache around Australia – just as long as there are beaches with waves to catch. Surfing Australia provides surfing courses in almost every state, as well as listing any surfing tournaments worth following, so check their website regularly to book in advance a lesson at your closest beach.

Toughest kayaking destinations on earth (Part 2)

3. Rondu Gorge, Pakistan

Pakistan’s Indus River is the place where people are really interested in to visit right now. A couple of crews have been to this river in recent years, and it’s since become the top destination for a lot of kayakers to visit. It’s very massive steep and the whitewater is amazing, combining with speed and volume water, it pretty much means kayaker ca hardly come out of the kayak for the entire river.
Going over a waterfall is thrilling as you feel the fear, the adrenaline increases quickly and once it’s over, looking back up, you realise it’s incredible how you have overcome such challenge.

4. Ottawa River, Canada
In eastern Canada, just off the Ottawa River in Beachburg, Ontario, there are dozens of rivers with massive whitewater, as well as big waves all the way up coast to Quebec. The air and water are pretty freezing in the springtime, so travellers, remember to dress appropriately and stay warm in your kayak is important. People have got severe accident kayaking these rivers.
There are countless of waves you can stir, but only certain ones come in at defined points so you’d better drive around finding the best ones possible. The coolest season’s called ‘Steakout’, which in Eastern Canada it has had a big impact on freestyle kayaking, as we’re able to create new tricks thanks to the big waves here.

5. White Nile, Uganda
Lots of awesome kayakers paddle in Uganda’s White Nile, as it’s warm and the water is ideal. It’s one of the most incredible rivers to paddle on earth. Unfortunately, people can’t go there anymore due to a dam project underway which means the river is about to be shut down for kayakers.
There are a few dangerous places on it, including the ‘Dead Dutchman’, where things could end up turning really badly. There’s another spot of the river that has plenty of hippos and crocodiles which you should be careful and avoid. There was kayakers killed by a crocodile in Egypt in the past, so it does happen. Take care and stay safe.

Top 7 favorite beach sports (Part 2)

3. Water skiing

Water skiing is a favorite sport all over the world. In this course, you will stand on a skateboard (like skiing) and be dragged across the water by a yacht. There are a few tips to keep in mind when you play on the water slide: always stand with your knees bent, keep your arms bent and let the boat pull you forward, lean backwards to keep gravity, breathe rhythmically as usual (many people tend to hold their breath when playing extreme sports). Finally, you can try to turn aside gently when you are familiar with the traction and keep a good balance.

4. Wakeboarding

Although quite new in some countries, wakeboarding is a very popular sport abroad. This is a game where you will stand on a skateboard called wakeboard and be dragged along the surface by the yacht. Wakeboard usually has a small and narrow rectangle, with a pair of shoes fixed on the board. This sport is extremely easy to play, does not require too much effort.

Just a few simple techniques, anyone can play. In particular, like jet ski, wakeboarding is a sport that cannot be played alone. Therefore, this is a good opportunity to gather friends and family into the water to have fun and talk to be more connected. If you like watching sports, wakeboarding is also an international championship competition like the Supra Pro Tour that you can watch.

5. Wakesurfing

Wakesurfing is gaining popularity with anti-face speed due to the simplicity and safety of this sport. With wakeboarding, you will have to attach to the boat and be towed, then with wakesurfing, you will be completely independent and just surf right behind the boat (Because when the boat runs, it will create waves for you to surf on the water).

Enjoy water sports in Miami Beach

If you are about to visit the Atlantic Ocean region and enjoy the Miami sun, there is no better place to be in this beautiful city than in the water. You can splash around in the waves and enjoy some water sports in Miami Beach. Here are what we recommend!


It will allow you to enjoy the the gorgeous ocean from height and experience the incomparable skyline of the Miami Beach stretch from up to 1,000 ft above the ocean. You can take single and tandem flights to escape from all the trouble or just share the exciting adventure with a loved one. The wind passing through your toes as they dangle in the open sky is an amazing feeling. 

Jet Ski Rentals

With this sport, you can feel both the water on your feet and the wind in your face as you whip around on a jet ski. It is easy to manage and offer a fun free time on the open water, or an adventurous journey with a guided tour.

Paddleboarding and Windsurfing

Both of these sports are so much fun, especially for those trying to get on their feet and coast along the lively ocean surface. While paddleboarding offers a mellow and unique way to move about the water,  Windsurfing let natural forces guide you to high speeds and exciting runs. 


Fishing is not as boring as it sounds. It’s one of the most enjoyable and exclusive water sports in Miami Beach as you might have the chance to catch great fish on a day out on a boat. This is the perfect sport for couples, families and friends to have a relaxing day on the open-ocean. You can enjoy a wide range of selection includes daily trips, specialty trips, bachelor parties, corporate charters and more.

Miami Beach can accommodate your taste no matter how you want to enjoy the water

Rowing on the most beautiful lakes in the world

Here are some beautiful lakes in the world, especially suitable for those who are passionate about boating.

Lake Baikal, Russia

Located deep in the interior of Siberia, Lake Baikal brings many new challenges and feelings for the rowers.

The largest and most biodiverse lake in the world, Baikal has 45 islands and contains about 1/5 of the world’s fresh water. During the summer months, travel companies rent private yachts, providing diving equipment. In the winter, when the temperature drops, the lake freezes, diving equipment makes way for fishing equipment. Many fun activities took place on the shore.

Lake Garda, Italy

A tourist hotspot from the days of the Roman Empire, Lake Garda is one of Italy’s leading water sports places today.

Blue water, strong winds mean this place is an ideal place for professional rowers. Boat races, such as Centomiglia and Intervela, attract large numbers of tourists as well as competitors.

For those looking for a quieter resting place, Lake Garda can also bring a lot of things. Lakeside towns and water sports resorts offer a variety of cultural and exploration activities. The Grotte di Catullo relic on the southern bank of the lake is a breathtaking testament to the Roman past.

The lake in the Netherlands

There’s always something interesting going on in the bustling Dutch lakes. What else is really expected from this lowland country where nearly every city is accessible by water?

Lakes such as Frisian, de Kaag and Vecht can all enjoy sailing, swimming, windsurfing and water skiing. During the summer months, boat races are also a popular activity here.

Lake Titicaca, Bolivia

Stretching over the border area between Bolivia and Peru, Titicaca is the second largest lake in South America. At 12,000 feet above sea level, this is also one of the tallest lakes in the world that can be boated.

Travel companies have long provided boat tours to Titicaca. Visitors from Bolivia can stop at the mystical Isla del Sol and the mysterious Isla de la Luna (Moon Island), enjoying the spectacular views around the lake.

Ancient ruins of Inca villages and towns can also be found on the island, allowing archaeologists to anchor and explore.

The basic differences between beach volleyball & indoor volleyball (Part 2)

Differences between beach and indoor volleyball rules

Compared to traditional indoor volleyball, beach volleyball law has a lot of different rules. Except for the regulation of net height on the playing field of these two types of volleyball are the same. Standards of size, points of calculation, costumes of athletes, etc.

Standards of volleyball courts include requirements on pitch, size of beach volleyball court and areas in the yard. Along with that is the requirement of the net, the height of the pillars, etc. They are fully and detailed rules in the law of beach volleyball.

Regarding the standard of playing field – Law on beach volleyball

First is the size of the field. There is a difference in size between traditional volleyball courts and beach volleyball courts. While the size of a beach volleyball court is 16 meters long and 8 meters wide, the indoor volleyball court is 18 meters long and 9 meters long. A special feature is that the beach volleyball court has no attack line. Meanwhile, in the traditional yard 3 meters are clearly defined.

For this beach sport, athletes will play on the sand. It can be natural or artificial sand, not using a hard yard. Therefore, athletes can play barefoot instead of wearing specialized shoes like indoor volleyball players.

The net height is probably the same point of beach volleyball and indoor volleyball. Specifically, the net height of indoor volleyball is set at 2.43m for men and 2.24m for women. This size is exactly the same as the net height of the beach volleyball court.

In addition, beach volleyball has only 2 players, in which traditional volleyball has up to 6 players / team. For beach matches, the team is not allowed to replace people, there is no libero. Meanwhile in the indoor volleyball team completely replaced players and libero position.

About the scoring method in beach volleyball rules

In the law of beach volleyball, it is clearly stated how to calculate points for teams to play. Each team will play 21 points / set. If the third set wins, the third set counts only 15 points. Every 7 points, the two teams will change the pitch once instead of every set of field changes as in indoor volleyball.