The 9 Best places on the Catalonian Coast for surfers (Part 3)


Here, you will find the region’s longest waves just up north from Barcelona. The blowing wind provides left waves at Masnou, up to one and a half meters. But rumors tell us that it can grow to three meters when the Mediterranean becomes rough.

The waves here are at their best when winter comes and the winds begin to blow violently to the east and southeast. No matter which level you are surfing, Masnou has big waves for you to catch. It is a beloved beach vacation, so it can be quite busy here.

Sant Pere Pescador

Just an hour and a half drive north from Barcelona, ​​you’ll see Sant Pere Pescador, a town in Golf de Roses. The coastal area of ​​Sant Pere Pescador is a very relaxing place for a kite trip. The sea breeze at Golf de Roses is amazingly reliable and often blows with a constant power of 12 to 24 knots.

The wind is on the shore, from the right. That makes it a great lower intermediate point. Add beautiful beaches and a variety of fascinating Catalonia dishes and this is the perfect place to fly a kite without stress. You will find many on-site schools that offer lessons and rental materials.


Does the name of this place ring a bell? The idyllic town of Castelldefels is known for its beach more than 5 km long; and for its famous residents. Luis Suarez and Lionel Messi are almost neighbors in this town. Anyway, Castelldefels beach is a popular and regulated kite area right on Sitges.

An international kite surfing school based in Barcelona, ​​Mojokite, offers lessons and rentals in this great location. Wind conditions are quite reliable and it is only a half hour drive from Barcelona.

Before you start exploring this and other sweet spots along the Catalonian Coast, you should check the no-go zone during peak tourist seasons, from June to September.