The basic differences between beach volleyball & indoor volleyball (Part 2)

Differences between beach and indoor volleyball rules

Compared to traditional indoor volleyball, beach volleyball law has a lot of different rules. Except for the regulation of net height on the playing field of these two types of volleyball are the same. Standards of size, points of calculation, costumes of athletes, etc.

Standards of volleyball courts include requirements on pitch, size of beach volleyball court and areas in the yard. Along with that is the requirement of the net, the height of the pillars, etc. They are fully and detailed rules in the law of beach volleyball.

Regarding the standard of playing field – Law on beach volleyball

First is the size of the field. There is a difference in size between traditional volleyball courts and beach volleyball courts. While the size of a beach volleyball court is 16 meters long and 8 meters wide, the indoor volleyball court is 18 meters long and 9 meters long. A special feature is that the beach volleyball court has no attack line. Meanwhile, in the traditional yard 3 meters are clearly defined.

For this beach sport, athletes will play on the sand. It can be natural or artificial sand, not using a hard yard. Therefore, athletes can play barefoot instead of wearing specialized shoes like indoor volleyball players.

The net height is probably the same point of beach volleyball and indoor volleyball. Specifically, the net height of indoor volleyball is set at 2.43m for men and 2.24m for women. This size is exactly the same as the net height of the beach volleyball court.

In addition, beach volleyball has only 2 players, in which traditional volleyball has up to 6 players / team. For beach matches, the team is not allowed to replace people, there is no libero. Meanwhile in the indoor volleyball team completely replaced players and libero position.

About the scoring method in beach volleyball rules

In the law of beach volleyball, it is clearly stated how to calculate points for teams to play. Each team will play 21 points / set. If the third set wins, the third set counts only 15 points. Every 7 points, the two teams will change the pitch once instead of every set of field changes as in indoor volleyball.