The difference between beach volleyball and indoor volleyball (Part 2)

Beach volleyball yard size

For indoor volleyball, the yard size is 18 * 9m and there is a parallel strike line 3m away from the center line. Also, players who play in the backline must not cross the offensive line when hitting the ball.

As for beach volleyball, the volleyball court is smaller in size than 16 * 8m and has no attacking line. Beach volleyball players can hit the ball anywhere on their side of the field.

The structure of the ball

The indoor volleyball is made of leather and is heavier than the outdoor ball. Also because indoor volleyball requires strength, heavy balls are faster and hit with more force.

Beach balls are softer, lighter and bigger than indoor balls. They are lightweight so that players can take advantage of the weather conditions when playing.

Number of players

Indoor volleyball players include 6 players on each side. Each person has their own unique position and there are always complex swaps to ensure that each person retains their position.

Beach volleyball has less players, only 2 on each side and no one has to hold their own. Only area left and right. The majority of beach volleyball players are very versatile who can play holistically in any position.

Scoring method

For indoor volleyball, each match consists of 5 games. The team that achieves the previous 25 points wins in each game. If winning 3 games in a row, you will win the volleyball match in the end. In addition, indoor volleyball has a 15-point tiebreaker to decide who wins when the two teams tie in the main games. Each team will change pitch after each game.

As for beach volleyball, each match has only 3 games, each game is counted 21 points. The team that wins 2 matches will win the whole match. Just like indoor volleyball, beach volleyball also has a 15-point tiebreaker.

Each team must win with a gap of 2 points for indoor and beach volleyball matches. It also means that the team must win 1 point to receive the serve and take the next point to be counted.

Above are the characteristics of beach volleyball and the difference between beach volleyball and indoor beach volleyball.