Top beautiful kayaking destinations that will change your life (Part 1)

There are no better ways to see the world than kayak and this are the best places to paddle.Some people like relaxing on the beach-resort during their holiday, however, some prefers to take their sport with them overseas. 

1. The French Alps

No matter your level you are (beginners, immediate or advance), the French Alps are a beautiful venue for kayakers. Beginning with the Ardèche for beginners or starting with the Sunshine Run on the Durance if you are at intermediate/advanced level, you can get familiar with the style and size of the rivers around the region before moving to a more challenging direction that suits your style. For the more advanced paddlers, the French Alps are the perfect warm-up before paddling at more challenging rivers of the Austrian, Swiss and Italian Alps. With beautiful mountains, clean, clear water, and delicious croissants for breakfast, the Alps are an awesome adventure holiday that you won’t forget. Paddlers can stay in the region of Moulin de Montabonnel at a rustic Bed n Breakfast in the stunning Devesset region of Ardeche.

2. Slovenia

If you’re looking for advancing your Instagram, Facebook, any social media channels and getting a good workout, head to the Soča river in Slovenia for experiencing the clearest waters in the world. Although there’s only one river to paddle, but it’s so amazingly beautiful as it is sprawling. The Soča has numerous sections, each of varying in difficulty level, which is why it’s voted as one of the main destinations for club trips. The Kompas Hotel Bled offers affordable but nicely comfortable accommodation close to the river and paddlers can always try to experience the guided Soča River Experience when you need a break from going it alone. Besides, there’s even an amazingly delicious ice cream shop in the small town. What more do you need for a perfect paddling trip?