Top beautiful kayaking trips that will change your life (Part 2)


Chile is well-known for kayaking with everything a kayaker could possibly hope for, featuring huge waterfalls and stunning bright blue rapids, to the Futaleufu. Whether you’re an advanced creek boater seeking an epic photo, or a recreational paddler seeking beautiful crystal blue water, Chile has it all. Set base in Pucon and you can easy access class 3-4 runs, or travel further afield and explore Patagonia. 


The US have almost every style of paddling that a paddler could possibly look for in the rivers of Europe and the UK – from the epic creeks and freestyle paddling in Colorado, to the huge volume rapids and popular classic runs in West Virginia, to the super steep and crazy gnar of South California, as well as the amazing big volume of the Payette rivers and the Middle Salmon. The USA is an awesome places for kayaking holiday. Two of the best multi-day paddling adventures are the Grand Canyon of the Colorado ( 20 days trip cover 280+miles) and the Main Salmon River (7 days trip cover 100 miles). If you choose to start at the Main Salmon River, the Salmon River Motel is a best place to set up camp.


If you want something a little different. You should your play boat or surf kayak and hit the beaches for a long weekend in the tiny island of Lanzarote in the Canary Islands. Lanzarote has some of the most stunning beaches and beautiful holiday resort  in the Atlantic. Instead of booking a room near a pool, enjoy some luxury meal, you can trade for a package holiday and a relaxed sea kayaking adventure by heading straight to Playa Blanca. Although Playa Papagayo is not be the most challenging trips, but it is a great way to kick back and get relax with the sport!