Toughest kayaking destinations on earth (Part 1)

America is full of spots with giant waterfalls and deadly rapids for kayaking where only the bravest dare paddle.
For most kayakers, the closest thing they would ever get to a giant waterfall and series of river rapids would be during a tragically awry safari holiday. For the greatest freestyle kayaker on the earth, it’s what it takes to do experience the volatile waters.
in this article, you will find top demanding and dangerous kayaking spots on Earth.

Royal Gorge, USA
California has plenty of whitewater spots to meet the goals of any kayaker. The most well-known is the Royal Gorge, featuring super beautiful gorge, with some really clean, big waterfalls, and intense water. It doesn’t matter how good you are, when you paddle into it, you’re dealing with some of the hardest kayaking experience in your life.

Tlapacoyan, México
With an infinite amount of runnable sections and steep waterfalls, Southern Mexico is one of the best kayaking destination in the world. Tlapacoyan is the town with very tight canyons, big falls, and jungle-like surroundings.The rivers are never further than an hour away and some rivers are even as close as 10 minutes. 

Furthermore, Waterfall runs in this area are very dangerous because many of then can occurs in a few seconds of freefall. The most dangerous part is when you’re directly above it, trying to make the decision of whether to peel out or cross over. You will feel insanely nervous and intensity in that moment. However, if you determine to make the commitment and you’re about to fall off the waterfall, things will go blank and you will concentrate on hitting the line. It’s surreal. You won’t have time to feel that fear, the adrenaline kicks in and once it’s over, looking back up, you realise it’s so amazing as there’s nothing like it that you’ve ever experienced.