Benefits of beach volleyball (Part 2)

If you are confusing whether you should play beach volleyball when you go the sea or not, you can reference our article about benefits of beach volleyball. Then deciding game in your holiday.

The fact, playing volleyball in beach brings a lot of benefits about mental, health and society while its rule has simple. So, it should be a good recommendation for anyone.

4, Great cardiovascular exercise

Only practicing one hour at the beach with volleyball, you can improve dramatically endurance and resistance of leg muscles, tendons and ligaments.

The fact, wet and soft sand is good to be against your body.

In the first feeling, you feel tired when it’s difficult to run in the sand. When you adopt it, it is useful for your cardiovascular system.

Especially, someone faces with obesity and cardiovascular issue, playing volleyball in beach is good. It can burn more calorie than normal walking. So, by someway it helps you to reduce your weight effectively.

5, Improve hand-eye coordination

In this game, you should combine hand and eyes flexibly. Using hand to pick up ball while catching eyes to swing ball correctly. These actions are necessary to coordinate perfectly.

So, once playing beach volleyball regularly, it’s great to improve connection between hands and eyes which are important parts in the body.

When you can coordinate them more, you become more flexible in related activities.

6, Improve muscle tone

If you expect fitness in body, practicing beach volleyball is a good recommendation.

According to researches, body works vigorously due to the resistance of sand.

It helps muscle tone to become more durable and stronger. Then your body looks balanced and fitted.

Benefits of beach volleyball (Part 1)

Beach volleyball is the best favorite sport in the beach. All people feel interesting and exciting when they play volleyball in their trip to the sea. It’s great to enjoy the nature and play sport to bring a lot of health benefits.

Don’t worry when you need to collect a group from 8-10 players to start this game. Only needing 3-4 members in your family, you can be ready to play volleyball. Sometimes, you can go to the beach and immerse any team. Many people choose this game to enjoy at the beach. 

If you are still confusing about benefits of beach volleyball, you can follow our article. Then take action to make plan for your trip to the sea in the next summer vacation. 

1, Fun and fit

Instead of staying at hotel for sleep or play game, you can go outside to enjoy the natural wind. It looks perfect to have more fun with outdoor activities.

Furthermore, during the beach volleyball, you need to run and move continuously, this is great to keep fit your body. Even, it is more useful than you go to the gym.

2, Connect new friends

As volleyball, beach volleyball is a team sport, so you can make new friends at the beach incidentally. Any a team are playing it, you can ask to enjoy. Because it’s free rule, it has no limitation about the number of players. 

Furthermore, in game, you need to communicate with your team to change ball properly, so it also improves your communication skills with others. Without good expression, your teammates can’t understand your meaning to transfer a ball. As a bad consequence, your team can be losers.

3, Safer when playing at the sand

Someone prefer to playing beach volleyball than other sports. In case you are fallen, you will lie on the sand. It’s not matter to cause serious accident like grass or hard pitches.

So, this game is suitable to encourage kids to play. It can limit some injuries.

Top water sport for kids

In this article, we share top water sports which are good for kids. The truth that we should encourage kids to play sport more, even they only interact or see sports, this way is good to inspire motivation as well love for kids about practicing sports.

Once your kids are still a little, they should watch and play water sports to develop their brain, memory, though as well physical appearance well.

3/ Stand up paddle boarding

This water sport is popular and favorite for any kid in the summer. 

Don’t be amazing when kids (from 4 ages) can stand on the board, keep balance and move it under water. Only some simple instructions, your children can do it well by himself.

Stand up paddle boarding should be encouraged to develop more because it has series of advantages for small girls and boys.

Because they need to handle to balance the board, they can improve patience, carefulness and concern to other things around them. All cores, head, shoulders, arms, back to legs are practiced gradually. In general, this sport is a perfect body workout for kids. You should share or instruction them to access more kids.

4/ Kayaking

Kayaking is a good choice to discover the river or lake clearly. It’s on the top favorite water sports which children usually love and follow as a daily habit.

Depending on kid’s age, you should pickup proper kayak. They can paddle by kayaking alone or join with parents.

It’s better for kids to choose kayaking alone or with families. Kids have enough information to share good water sports for kids.

5/ Swimming

Swimming has a lot of benefits for swimmer like improvement stable heart rate, relaxing, durability all bones in body…especially it helps to increase length of kids. Therefore, you should instruct them to swimming.

In the modern life, there are many swimming pool with high quality service to be built up to serve demand of moms.

Top water sport for kids

When kids are in mature and growth, you should encourage them to play sports. It’s a good way to develop overall, including health, physicals, mental as well fitness.

If you tend to have a beach trip in this vacation with your family but don’t know which water sport is suitable for kids, you can follow our article to suggest some games matching with children. The truth that there are many games for your family to play together in a safe way. Let enjoy your holiday with useful outdoor activities for your kids.

1/ Snorkeling/ diving

Scuba diving is an interesting water sports of the adult. You also apply this sport for kids. Make sure they are exciting when exploring depths of the sea as well a little landscapes under water. It’s new experience for them.

Of course children can’t join scuba diving because it requires complicated skills. But they can be allowed to play snorkeling or diving which is easier. To start this game, you only prepare fins, goggles and a breathing tube. Then instruct them to practice it.

In case your kids have not swim, this game is useful to learn how to adapt under water then is convenient for swimming. You also remind to supervise them carefully when snorkeling.

2/ Running on the sand

This sport is a new version of normal running, so it makes more interesting for kids.

During your vacation, you push your children more activities to consume more energy. It’s better to prevent lazy habit in thoughts and actions. Running on the sand is new experience which only can do in the beach.

Your children can go on the sand with secure shoes and glass eyes, then they are free to discover news. Don’t worry your kids ankle and knees be injured because you use a high quality pair of shoe.

According to the research, running on the sand is good for circulation system.

Kayaking and canoeing- is it one or different?

In the summer, it’s perfect to join water sport which is a good place to immerse relaxing to the natural. Kayaking and canoeing are two of the most favorite water sports in this season. However, so many people are confused about these sports which they think it’s one.

The truth that it has difference in playing as well several accessories included. In this article, we will continue to share about some different points between two games.

If you are tending to explore them, don’t hesitate to follow our article to make clear about these water sports before enjoying it.

In the previous article, we explain difference in origin, paddles and kind of kayaking and canoeing. Now, we share more detail about boat characteristics and deck.

Fourthly, difference in boat characteristics

About overall design, boat of kayaks and canoes are similar when it looks thing and lightweight with one or two tips forming to move water faster and easier. It also is nice and simple.

However, we still see difference when the kayaks boats are thinner and thicker than the another. Although it can cover the same number of users. Boat design of kayaks make more high-fashionable and convenient, especially someone to try it in the first time.

About material, they are made of metal, molded plastic and composite materials.

The last, difference in deck

Decks also are known as the openings which keeps water and have more space for sitting.

Depending other boats will have other sizes and types for deck. For example, open deck or closed deck.

In general, decks of canoe are more spacious than decks of kayaks so that canoe needs to have more space to paddlers sit inside the deck. Furthermore, canoe decks have a higher seat to handle paddles easily while they are sitting on the edge of seat.

Kayaking and canoeing- is it one or different?

Among water sports, kayaking and canoeing are one of the biggest rushes you should try it. There are many options for spaces like lakes, river rapids, waterfalls or the sea. It’s a good way to explore views and landscapes naturally. In addition, your health can be better when doing it usual.

 However, someone confuse kayaking and canoeing are the same. Actually, two sports are different. Following our article, we share basic information about both water sports.

Firstly, definition

Canoe is a small boat, pointed at both ends and used by one couple. Two paddlers sit or kneel on the ends then raise a single bladed paddle to steer and move in water. It has to be used power of paddlers. However, some modern boat set up electric motors or gas motors to push movement stronger.

While, a kayak is a slim boat, pointed by one kayaker who sits and uses paddles to steer and move on the water. It is normally covered by cockpit to avoid wet for paddler when moving in low water.

Secondly, difference about paddle

In kayak, paddles have two blades which set at 90° to make convenient for kayaker. But Canoe’s paddles have only one paddle and shorter than its paddle

Thirdly, type of kayaking and canoeing

About kayaking, there are some major types such as kayak touring when you tend to soak up the natural landscape, or sea kayaking for someone to prefer new experience dangerously and adventurously in the sea where waves are strong and powerful.

Whereas, canoeing has more type of version.

For example, marathon canoeing is long distance races which can split more races and portages. It depends on rules from the federation.

Sprint canoeing or a flatwater racing is a race when paddler sit his knee and use paddle to steer water as fast as he can.


Going to the beach on summer is one of the most favorite pastimes. As a normal custom, people tend to find some places with the fresh water and play water sports. In this article, we will share top sports you can try.

If you prefer to playing sports in the summer, following this article to see some good recommendations.

4/ Scuba diving

This sport is considered as one of the most water sports on the beach. It brings benefits for health and mental of divers. In addition, it is a good opportunity to discover beautiful landscapes in the sea.

In general, scuba diving becomes a hot sport recently. People feel interesting when having new experience under the sea.

However, you should be careful to check diving equipment as well technical skills to have a safe scuba diving trip. You read guides from mentors or former to remember it well.

5/ Beach soccer

Soccer is a favorite game with almost people in the global. Therefore, someone prefer to play beach soccer in the beach. On the sand, level of this sport is higher and more difficult, so it makes more exciting. The fact that, soccer has a simple regulation. So, it is easy to be practiced simply.

Although a football team in theory consists 11 people, you can collect two group with 5 to 8 members in a team. It’s ok to adjust a number of members properly. Even you are alone, you also don’t worry because you can ask someone on the beach to play with it together. So many people will agree your proposal.

6/ Volleyball

It can’t deny that volleyball is an easy sport to play on the beach. It has a basic regulation and doesn’t require complicated accessory. You only prepare a net, a ball and two teams about 10 people, then you can take action it immediately.


Summer is the best season to go to the beach and join water sports. It’s perfect to enjoy a wonderful summer vacation.

In this article, we share great sports you can play with your teams or family on the beach.

1/ Beach volleyball

Almost people are lovely to play beach volleyball when they go to the sea. The fact that volleyball is a popular sport in daily live. From students to workers, all people can play volleyball only with some basic rules.

On the beach, volleyball is still easy to set up and take action. You only need to prepare a net and a ball, then collecting about 5-6 people, then you can start this game. Even if you don’t have a team, you can ask any beachgoer on the beach to join it.

Remembering that you should use sun-cream to protect your skin to avoid the sunny directly.

2/ Ultimate Frisbee

Collecting a group about 8 or more and tossing a Frisbee at one target around on the sand is a true beach pastime for your holiday. This task seems simple but can improve some skills such as practicing exercise, eye-seeing ability or losing weight.

In addition, this sport also improves tossing skills as well doing determining targets. Even you prefer to increase more difficulty level, you can move target into the water. It’s not easy as your thought.

3/ Kadima

It is another version of tennis or ping-pong but it is played on the beach. The fact that this game is very simple. Only requiring one couple and a ball then you can start this game with ton of fun. Mission is keeping the ball away from water which avoid obstacles from your partner or strong waves in the sea.

Normally, you should play Kadima within 20-30 minutes to protect your health.

Kayak vs. Paddleboard – Which is Better? (Part 1)

If you love the outdoor activities and would like to find a new way to reconnect with nature, consider paddle boarding or kayaking! Kayaking and paddle boarding are two of the greatest and fastest growing sports, offering outdoor enthusiasts an amazing time to test their skills on the water. While both sports are a lot of fun, people often wonder which one is best for you.

Why You Need to Go Kayaking Instead of Paddle Boarding
Adrenaline Junkie?
If you an adrenaline junkie, Kayaking is the definite option as it allows you to go faster than flying on a paddleboard, and you can eventually build up your skills to hit some whitewater rapids. Kayaks require players to get from one side of a lake to another in a faster time compared to a paddleboard. A double-sided kayak paddle enables you to paddle much faster than a single paddle with a paddleboard built-in. If you love speed, you’ll want to spend time participating at least one kayaking course to learn how to do an Eskimo roll and perform other movements when you are hitting the whitewater rapids.

On-Board Storage
A paddleboard has essentially the same look and feel as a surfboard, which means you can’t store anything on the board. Most kayaks have a bungee cord storage area for the sit-on kayaks with a dry storage area. If you expect to be out on the water for several hours, or days, a kayak makes things much easier as you can take your gear around with you. As kayak fishing has increasingly popular, so has the variety of accessories to choose from.
If you enjoy fishing and want to be able to keep your gear with you at all times, a kayak is a smart choice. Several of them are designed specifically for fishing, allowing you to have a place for storing your fishing pole and the rest of your gear. You can even invest in a small trolling motor and install it to the kayak or buying a wind sail to have some help moving around on the water.

What beach in the Philippines to enjoy beach sports (Part 2)

How to go to El Nido?


AirSwift, the airline of Resort El Nido offers some nonstop flights to El Nido from Manila. The flight will take about 1 hour.


If the flight time of Air Swift does not match your schedule, Cebu Pacific or Philippine Airlines also have daily flights to Puerto Princesa, Palawan. The duration of this flight is 1 hour 20 minutes.


Once you arrive at Puerto Princesa International Airport, you will need a 6-hour shuttle or bus to get to El Nido Island. Because the journey to El Nido is quite long, it’s best to rent your own car (with driver) to get the most comfortable transportation from Puerto Princesa to El Nido.

3. Bitaog, Catanduanes

It’s no surprise if you haven’t heard of Bitaog Beach. This beautiful paradise is truly one of the most amazing Filipino beaches. Completely separate from the hustle and bustle of the city, it offers a peaceful atmosphere and a very peaceful feeling. The island is blessed with fine white sand, crystal clear water and beautiful rocks! Whether you want to go swimming, relax on the sand, or even go snorkeling, Bitaog beach is definitely the place for you!

Transportation to Bitaog


Choose Cebu Pacific or Philippine Airlines to fly to Butuan Airport, the nearest airport to Dinagat Islands. Flight time is about 2 hours.


Once you’ve arrived at Butuan Airport, look for Langihan Bus Station and take the bus to Surigao City. Travel time is 2-3 hours and will take about P200.


From Surigao City pier, take a boat to San Jose, which is the starting point for all points to Dinagat Island – including Bitaog Beach. The trip will take less than 2 hours and cost P100 per person.

4. Borawan, Quezon

If Boracay and Palawan had a child, it would be Borawan Island! The island is named after the two beaches because of the similarities between white sand and limestone. Borawan Beach has everything about the other two islands but it is much quieter. This is an ideal destination for couples who are looking for time alone or who travel alone.