Top Beach Sports for Summer (part 2)

Beach Basketball
The rules of beach basketball are a bit different from the regular version, since in the regular version, you obviously won’t be dribble on the sand. To start the game, players simply pass the ball between team member and try to make shots into their basket. In case, the ball drop on the sand, it becomes a free for anyone who can touch it first.

Beach Rugby
Rugby is known to be one of the roughest and toughest sports the world, but its beach version is a bit softer thanks to the soft sand that you land on when get tackled. There usually aren’t any goals in beach rugby but in some versions there are five equal rectangles drawn in the sand to serve as the in and out goals.

Beach Flags
The game beach flags is similar to musical chair playing on sand in which someone places a set amount of flags in a row along the beach. The number of flags is one less than the number of competitors. The game begins with the starting signal and racers must rush to the flags and try to grab one before anyone else. Those can’t get a flag are eliminated. Although it is simply, it tends to get pretty competitive and physical.

Beach Handball
If you play soccer with your feet, beach handball is a different soccer version which you are not allowed to use them. Players must throw a ball into the opposing teams goal which can be made from pretty much any two items lying around. Just place a couple of sand buckets on opposite ends of the playing field and you’re good to go! Other things is exactly the same as soccer although it is probably harder since the sand might slow you down.

Beach Polo
This sport used to be very popular in the past, but now, it might be hard for you to even get a horse on the beach. But if you can manage to have them and no police officers around to stop you we’re pretty sure it’d be a lot of fun!