Top sports on the beach dedicated to your travels (Part 2)

3. Kayaks

Want to discover the natural wonders with your best friend? Or freely look at the islands, the surrounding space with healthy sport activity. Just combine travel and relaxation, and do some sports movements, nothing more interesting. Kayaking activities are usually available at popular tourist sites at the beach.

This is an attractive activity for visitors. However, when participating in this experience, you should note to ensure safety for yourself by lifebuoy and prepare some basic movements when unfortunately falling into the water.

4. Water motorbike

Water motorbike is one of the most interesting and interesting beach sports activities in the world. With only a boat with a water engine, you can unleash your horizontal and vertical drive to the sea, and explore the sights around the cool water yourself.

To be able to control the water motorbike, you need to equip yourself with certain boat driving skills. You should consider carefully before registering to participate in entertainment activities for enthusiasts who love speed and adventure!

5. Flyboard

Flyboard is a relatively new beach sports activity. The principle of the sport is that the engine is mounted on the participant’s leg, combined with a skateboard with 2 thrusters. Flyboard appears in some major beach resorts.

Flyboard players can hover through the air from 6 to 10 meters, creating a sense of excitement and no less adventurous. If you are a person who feels strong and wants to keep beautiful moments from acrobatics.

Above are the top 5 popular beach sports to enjoy during your trip. Do you have any plans to have fun for you in the upcoming beach trip? If not, please refer to the information we just provided. Surely, you will have perfect fun moments with your relatives and family.